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Great news from Don Lake

Announcing the release of QGroundControl V3.1. Notable changes in this release:
- Survey mission support
- GeoFence Support in Plan View
- Rally Point support in Plan View (ArduPilot only)
- ArduPilot onboard compass calibration
- Parameter editor search will now search as you type for quicker access
- Parameter display now supports unit conversion
- GeoTag images from log files (PX4 only)
- System health in instrument panel
- Mavlink 2.0 support (no signing yet)

Updated docs and install instructions are here: https://donlakeflyer.gitbooks.io/qgroundcontrol-user-guide/content/11

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  • The ArduSub usage of QGC is an interesting capability that we don't talk much about. QGroundControl has a plug-in architecture which allows third parties to customize the UI and internals of QGC to support custom vehicles. ArduSub is an example of that. So if you have your own custom vehicle that you'd like to have a custom ground station for. You can build that with QGroundControl.

    FYI: The plugin architecture is what QGC uses internally to support both ArduPilot and PX4 firmwares with all the various vehicle setup differences between the two.

  • QGC v3.1 also adds thorough support for ArduSub including firmware-specific plugin features, joystick button setup, Sub-specific safety setup, and frame selection.

  • Internet search on "nouveau OpenGL crash" seems to show a high count of issues. I'd try a different driver.

  • @andreas My guess is a problem with the video driver. Linux tends to be very stable since there are so many users on it. Video Driver OpenGL support can be flaky which in turn causes problems with ui crashing.

  • Here are the docs for how to use the Plan view: https://donlakeflyer.gitbooks.io/qgroundcontrol-user-guide/content/.... Click the Add tool (+) to add waypoints to the map. Then click the command name (Waypoint) to change the command to something else.

    Plan · QGroundControl User Guide
  • OK, downloaded the AppImage and chmoded it to executable. 

    First run, it gave me an error about some missing library (I think libespeak1 and from my limited understanding of AppImages, this is the kind of thing that shouldn't be happening with AppImages). I installed the library and it ran. It immediately detected my 3DR radio on USB port and connected to the vehicle without me having to do anything. I started browsing the menus but loading of maps when changing zoom levels was hideously slow. I think my first segfault was in the map screen (I could be wrong). My last segfault, after which I rage quit, was drawing a shape for a survey. I had a bunch of segfaults in between.

    I 'm running KDE (Kubuntu 16.04) with the nouveau driver on an Nvidia card.

  • @Andreas could you provide details? I frequently use the AppImage on Ubuntu 16.04 without issue.

  • How do I get that panel to show up. On mine I only see the "H Planed Home position" and "S Survey" ? I've clicked all over the place and can't seem to find that panel.


  • Just tried the Linux AppImage on ubuntu 16.04, segmentation faults galore.

  • Thanks!

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