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Daniel Agar commented on Yograj Singh Mandloi's blog post Multi Vehicle Simulation with Qgroundcontrol
"Great to see this in action.
Thanks for sharing!"
Mar 2, 2018
Daniel Agar replied to Baskaran K's discussion Pixhawk mini with px4 flight stack.
"Hi Baskaran, if you can share a flight log (upload here: http://logs.px4.io/) we'll be able to see what's going on.
Can you describe what quad you have and which flight modes you've tried?"
Aug 1, 2017
Daniel Agar commented on Tomi Piriyev's blog post Pixhawk 2.1 with RPI computer Module 3- DRONEE PILOT
"Have you considered using microhard ddl modules? Can you add newer airspeed sensors like the ms5525?"
Jul 10, 2017
Daniel Agar commented on Chris Anderson's blog post More powerful Pixhawk 3 coming soon
"@Rob_Lefebvre - GPLv2 and v3 are different in some important ways. The Linux kernel is explicitly licensed GPLv2 and doesn't include the extension to v3 and future versions like other projects have.

As a software developer I don't like this, but…"
Apr 28, 2017
Daniel Agar commented on Azjeg's blog post Miniature "stealth" phone GCS, maybe the smallest usable ever...
"Looks good. Did you consider using USB for the serial connection to the RFD900, possibly powering it as well?"
Feb 19, 2017
Daniel Agar replied to CheddaRob's discussion SO NEWB: Flight Control Hardware Questions
"Of the 3 options you listed the Pixhawk 2.1 with an Intel Edison is probably the path of least resistance. Well supported with plenty of documentation and other users/developers able to help."
Feb 4, 2017
Daniel Agar commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New: QGroundControl 3.1 adds surveys and improved geofencing
"@Andreas could you provide details? I frequently use the AppImage on Ubuntu 16.04 without issue."
Jan 6, 2017
Daniel Agar commented on Chris Anderson's blog post PX4 1.1 release + Android support for QGroundControl
If you'd like to try QGroundControl for Android join the beta test here - https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.mavlink.qgroundcontrol"
Dec 30, 2015
Daniel Agar commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Should we move ArduPilot Groundstation from LabVIEW to Nokia's Qt?
"PyQt would be a great place to start. Who should I contact to get involved with this?"
Apr 3, 2010
Daniel Agar commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Multiplex vs HobbyKing Shootout!
"Any thoughts on the HobbyKing ASW28 EPO Electric RTF Plug-n-Play Glider?

Jan 19, 2010
Daniel Agar replied to Daniel Agar's discussion ArduPilot avrdude error
"Thanks for the link Chris. I wasn't aware of that debugging tips list, although I've tried most of those things. My FTDI cable is a few years old, not from Adafruit or DIYDrones but looks identical, so I assume it's the same thing. It has worked…"
Sep 20, 2009
Daniel Agar posted a discussion
I've been getting the following error when trying to upload to my ArduPilot 328 using the FTDI cableavrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51This is on an ArduPilot that was…
Sep 19, 2009
Daniel Agar commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New DIY Drones rules
"Hi Chris

Any thoughts on an Ardupilot wiki?"
Aug 9, 2009
Daniel Agar posted a discussion
HelloI have a blue Ardupilot purchased earlier this year that I haven't gotten around to playing with until now. Could someone point me towards some brief documentation/instruction on how to set it up and make use of it. I found the current manual…
Jul 26, 2009
Daniel Agar commented on Rory Paul's blog post Some Tracks and Video
"What did you use to stitch the photos together?"
Apr 8, 2009