New Raspberry Pi 3 is about to be announced, it will bring 64-bit 1.2Ghz cores and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is surely an exciting update for Navio2 and we can’t wait to get it into the air.




It is expected that the new processor will be similar to the previous BCM2835 with upgraded cores (probably Cortex A53), just like it was with the previous upgrade from single-core ARMv6 to quad-core ARMv7. That means that the peripheral blocks should stay the same and will have a high level of compatibility while bringing more performance. Cortex A53 is 30-40% faster than Cortex A7 according to data from ARM.


Build-in WiFi and BLE should simplify the configuration of the board eliminating the need in USB adapters.

As soon as we get our hands on the board we will make sure that it is supported by APM and will work with Navio2 autopilot HATs. As Raspberry Pi foundation maintains 40-pin connector compatibility it should be a seamless upgrade. We are yet to see how different the software will be for the new processor.


Thanks to CNX-Software for bringing the news. You can read more about Navio2 autopilot at .


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  • I wasnt going to get into this battle but..

    I SUPPORT EMLID. for number 1 reason. I see how dedicated they are in the forums they have for the community. They help EVERYONE. Great product, great support, fair prices and they are always looking for improving. Whats not to love. Cant really say the same abou the competition.. esp after this post. Gonna stay away.  

  • Such a shame you can't add an external aerial - it would have made a much more compact integrated solution for fpv!  But it's unlikely to have sufficient power anyway and can't do 5.8ghz.  Hopefully the onboard radio can be switched off so it doesn't get in the way.  Apparently NEON processing is much faster which is great news for opencv and codecs.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 is now on sale for $35

    Raspberry Pi 3 on sale now at $35
    Another update: I managed to miss Baruyr Mirican and Darshan Gopal from the Broadcom test engineering team off the list too. My grade this year is D:…
  • Developer

    Great to see the faster RPI3.  I've been working a bit on getting the red balloon popper going again but this time on an RPi2 (previously it was an Odroid U3) but so far the RPi2 is only managing 2hz update rates so more power would certainly be nice.  Of course, there are likely software efficiency improvements I can do as well.  Anyway, more CPU is good and we've already got uses for it.

  • @ Victor

    "I think some people here is getting a wrong impression so I'll make a few comments (that hopefully this time won't get deleted by Emlid staff):"

    How can Emlid delete YOUR posts?

  • ^^^^^^^^WHAT HE SAID!!!  Thank you RP!!!

  • The impression I have it that you seem to have forgotten that this is a public forum and acting in a less than professional manner here, while representing your company, does not look good to potential customers. 

    Trolling a competitors thread is not a good look, whatever history there may be between those involved.  Accusations that are not clearly supported by available facts do not help anyone's credibility and the standing of both companies has been hurt here.

    Stick to your own threads or keep it professional.

  • I think some people here is getting a wrong impression so I'll make a few comments (that hopefully this time won't get deleted by Emlid staff):

    Discussions with you are never based on engineering points and are just pure demagogy from your side...

    This is what I've been accused of by Mikhail from Emlid. We clearly compete in the same field but this crossed the line of respect. It's obvious that such comments would enrage the people pushing work from my side but going ahead and calling them attacks is probably too much. More if we take into account that Emlid has led a series of dishonest practices previously towards our work.

    As far as I know, myself and my team have contributed extensively to the APM codebase over the last two years. We believe that in many senses we are still in the early stages of what could become this work thereby contribute not only in code but also delivering open commercial solutions that allows others to build on top. We might be too enthusiastic about advertising some of our work some times (I am indeed excited about the possibility of a new Pi).

    Appreciate those who voiced out their opinions about the GPS.

  • I love to play with my emlid's. However, we should look into what we can do such a capable hardware, Cortex A53. Navio has been enjoyed just implementing ArduCopter very nicely. Erle talked a lot but not much outcome. As Jerry Giant talked, we are just stay behind to DJI along with Solo and 3DR.
    Those linux platform should have more application such as obstacle avoidance, non GPS coordination etc.

  • I was burned by the built in GPS on the APM2 (A nice idea that was poorly implemented with a junk GPS that had to be disabled and replaced.) so will take some convincing to accept another device with a built in GPS.  Even when the Navio2 has a good GPS, being stuck with it is less than ideal.

    The childish attacks on the OP that started almost immediately has convinced never to touch a PXFmini, any other Erle product.  I assumed that this was coming from users, not Erle personnel... 

This reply was deleted.