New Raspberry Pi camera

3689689861?profile=originalRaspberrypi released a new camera module today. It is an update of 8 megapixels over the previous 5 megapixels. It is interesting that the module is an IMX219PQ sensor by Sony, this sensor is capable of WDR which is an important and overlooked feature for camera aviation purposes; it means that there is better contrast ratio between a bright sky and dark ground, with the new sensor it is capable of making both bright and visible.

3689689955?profile=originalAnother interesting feature of the new sensor is that it is capable of slow-motion video recording. The sensor is capable of 1080p/60fps and 720p/180fps, also 4K. Not bad for a $25 camera.


Video sample

For those who have interest, someone is creating an image for the Rpi to allow users to get up and moving for drone purposes; It is hoped they are to eventually have several different .img files for varying drone purposes that users can burn and use quickly, there is more information about this project if you would like to participate here:

There is also a Github for a collection of Rpi/Drone related software, all in one place, with links to guides and further information. It might make it easier for drone users to get set up and started, it's here:

Thanks and Best wishes, I look forward to seeing your slo-mo pi videos, your high-speed tracking creations, and low-light demos

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  • Developer

    @benbojangles, but I'm afraid that the RPi itself doesn't have an hdmi input.  It really would be great to find a better cable for the camera<->RPI .. I appreciate your efforts to try and find one, I also looked but gave up in the end 'cuz they just didn't seem to exist.

  • no soldering required cable here also

    Pi Camera HDMI Cable Extension by Petit Studio on Tindie
    A set of connectors to extend the Raspberry Pi camera cable with a standard HDMI cable.
  • For me using raspilot, the main cause of GPS interference was USB area. I moved away from it and infact towards the ribbon cable and interference went away.

  • Developer

    @benbojangles, thanks for the link.  I looked around for alternative cables that would fit but never found any.  I don't actually think the linked cable will work right out of the box at least.  It would require some very detailed soldering which I don't think I'd be capable of.

  • one could always try frc cable

  • @Randy I'm guessing there is GPS interference on the navio board?

  • Developer

    I wonder the GPS interference will be as bad as with the original camera. My guess is it will because I've heard it's mostly caused by the ribbon cable.

  • You mention that the sensor is capable of WDR and 4k and 180fps.  I suppose the drivers still need to be developed to make these features accessible to the general DIYer community?

  • oh dear fnoop, I have done the same in the past; those exposed resistors on the back are just to easy to touch metal. get covering the back with tape, or card, or foam, or 3d printed cases.

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