New Skywalker 1900

3689504751?profile=originalThe New Skywalker 1900 has been around for sometime. I just finish mine and test fly it last Sunday in strong wind condition. I barely able to trim for straight and level and P gain in stabilized mode.

It feel more or less like my old Skywalker 1900 but the rigidity of the tail section had been much improve. No more flimsy/Shacking tail boon and stabilizer.

Although it was advertise as modular/easy to dismantle and install  at field, but I doubt the durability of those orange plastic. For better reliability, glue the stabilizer and tail boom may seems a good option.

For me, the best improvement over the previous version is the enlarge fuselage. Now I can put my camera inside the fuselage with proper orientation. ( Horizontally relative to wings ). The only issue is now I had to add about 90 gram of ballast in the nose for proper CG because of the main battery sit right under the wings with no room for CG adjustment. 

A lot of user reported the left turning tendency but I didn't notice mine had this problem. Some of them suggested a twisted wings but if that is the case, than most properly all the wings should be the same because it was made in the same aluminium mold. May be I just lucky to get a good set of wings.

Nothings much to talk about the build. It is fairly simple and straight forward. I had good success with my old Skywalker so I just transfer all my equipment, i.e motor, ESC, APM 2 with 2.63 firmware to the new one. For telemetry, I use RDF900. Hopefully with this long range data modem, I'll had full connection through out the mission within a few KM.

I'll update the flight performance after I had it trim out. My flight gear as below:

Servo : Servox SH0257MG

Motor : T motor 2814-8 1000KV

Prop : APC 9X6

ESC : Hobbywings Funfly 60 A

Autopilot : APM 2. 2.63

Telemetry : RDF 900

Battery : FlightMax 4S5000mah. for motor. 2S 2100mah for avionic equipment regulated by Castle Creation 10A BEC

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  • Morning Keeyen

    I also have the 2013 Skywalker 1880 but only with the T-tail - I have same photos of it on my DIY page.

    I am trying to determine my Center of Gravity on this skywalker, can you give me a better indication were this COG might be located on your skywalker model?

  • Very nice ! Thanks. I plan to fly a very similar setup .. I was flying the old Skywalker and flew with 12000mah 4S batt and got 80-90 minutes. The camera was strapped on the wing though.

    On the new build I am going to put it in the fuse as you have done.

    I did not get your point about the remoteV5 script.. Is it within the CHDK package ? 

    Looks like my camera is slightly wider, and with the USB cable its going to be a very right fit. 

    One mre question. How do you protect the lens. Have you used something liek clear acrlyic at the bottom to avoid dirt or accidental damage to cam when landing ? 

  • 100KM

    http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/newskywalker-follow-up. The shut down function sometime is not working in script like CD Intervolameter. I use a modify USB cable with remoteV5 script with good success. 

  • Could you perhaps share a picture of how you have the camera mounted ? Do you use velcro straps to keep it tied down ?
  • That's a similar camera... How do you shut it off ? I use chdk and the USB cable and though it allows me to trigger, I cannot get it to shut down...
  • 100KM
    Hi, I'm using Canon S100GPS. I shut down the camera before landing.
  • keeyen pang,

    Which camera are you using on your SW ? I am using a Canon 260HS and plan to mount it the same way you have. How do you protect the camera lens when landing ? 

    Thanks for sharing ! 

  • Thanks Keeyen Pang, I did my first test flight yesterday and it was horrible lol. I had to use around 20% up elevator to keep it up. The motor or prop sounded like it was being pulled backwards; I guess just really struggling to match speed with rpm. I think from reading a bit more on this model and seeing your comments that the motor pitch needs adjusting. I admit I'm a little gun shy now for my next flight lol.
    Cheers for the advice, if you have any further tips that would be great.
  • 100KM

    Hi Morgan

    I put the CG on the servo line. You may want to play a little with the motor down thrust. 

  • Hi there, thanks for the write up. I've just put mine together so wondering Where abouts is CG meant to be on this model?
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