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  • The nose is designed to pan and tilt friendly!
  • The wings are oversized for the purpose of carrying a heavy payload (APM+video gear and big battery!)

    This also means flying medium/slow should provide enough lift slow passes, meaning awesome not blurry, shakey video 


    heres a basic Idea of a simular design

  • right now I only have est. on weights, since I dont have this plane fully built and flyable yet...

    but Id guess areound 5lbs.

    If I did the wind area right I should have just under 600N of lift.


  • I fly and have been experimenting in building planes that people sit in.  But I'm just starting to deal with R/C sized aircraft.  So my questions for you are:

    1) what is your design Max Gross Weight?

    2) Is this based on any specific Wing loading or other structural limitation?

    3) Can you point me to R/C based design references so that I can get smarter on these sized planes??


    Sorry for all the questions, but I figured since you are offering up your planes for review I figured I ask these up front...

  • I just today got all my foam, and other parts today to finish my build! I should be up soon! with a final product! =D

    Right now I have the fusealodge, ribs, and body formers all cut out and in place!

  • I apologise about the confusion, I ment inches, not feet! haha


  • awesom hope others share their plans too
  • I'm sure he meant 80 inches by 40 inches
  • Are you serious... an 80 foot wingspan and a 40 foot length?  What do materials cost you?
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