No hiding behind AC 91-57 anymore


The FAA just cancelled AC 91-57 the one that many folks used to justify commercial aerial photography from unmanned aircraft in the USA. 

Now look to the “full special” interpretation for Model Aircraft for your guidance.

Patrick said this at the time about that.

Folks in the U.S. UAS community (which now including paper airplane aficionados too) were surprised and dismayed by the FAA’s “full special” interpretation for Model Aircraft. The community is completely flabbergasted by the lack of response from the regular gaggle of advocacy groups. UAS freedom(s) just took a major hit in the U.S. and folks are asking where the hell is the leadership? We are usually treated to quick responses (canned goods) heralding any announcement from the FAA (no matter how trivial or nonsensical they may be), as enlightened and a giant step in the right direction. We can guess who got the special dispensation/backroom deal neutering.

Shocked and awed –

The community is collectively wondering what’s up with the subdued response? Where is the mobilization of the membership(s)? Adding to the dismay is the notion that this edict could have possibly caught advocacy groups off guard? It has many feeling like we just suffered a regulatory tsunami without warning and no disaster plan!

* To everyone’s integration credit… The FAA did state repeatedly that the hobby would look the same after regulation was announced. However, in this instance it would appear that reality and the FAA have parted company again.

If you want to join the Hollywood set these are the requirements for your platforms 

We commissioned our art department at sUAS News to create this simple graphic to explain the system over there ;-)


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  • In reality it is the people (us) that read forums like this one, and are interested in "doing the right thing" that are getting all "bunched up" about all this.  The real issue is that these machines quads, planes, etc. that are autonomous (or not) will be flown by folks who mail-order parts, home-brew, or buy them... and they won't give a damn about what the FAA says -- or they will simply be uninformed.  It also grounds those of us who have no interest in getting a private pilots, or those who may not be able to for medical reasons but still like and respect flight and the joys therein.  I feel as though I could write a thesis on how poorly this is being managed by the FAA.... must stop before I really rant.

  • That's right the commercial implications and aspects of UAV's/UAS use is going to have a major impact on the hobby as you can see. 

  • Commercial aerial photography != hobby

  • Developer

    Just adds more confusion to the whole FAA regulation issues.

  • Lol no worries Gary I'll go back to lurking occasionally. I can't hang with all these smart people. Glad your still banging out the news. I can't take all the flack anymore I'm too old for it. I'm still out here banging away at the space program. Team Prometheus is still making progress.

    Talk about legal issues try going into space. :) 

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    Lets reign it in chaps otherwise I am going to have to delete my own thread.

  • 8 years I've been posting here. Did battle with several trolls. Lost the battle left the site 3 times. Was once a moderator. Started groups like "Programming the Ardupilot Mega" and plenty more over the years. There is no lie here I've also taken my time to help as many others as I can. Wrote some of the wiki's ect... I still do that when I can.

  • Perhaps there was a time I could have been but for sure now it's beyond me. There are men and women out there that want to help you. We get insults like these all the time. Too bad so sad. Anyway good luck!

  • Also, your posting history on this site does not support you claims.  In fact, it seems to show your entire rant is a lie.

  • I had no idea you were the messiah of UAVs. Sinned we have.  

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