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Aerial photography via helicopter/quadcopter. Development of systems for crow analysis overview.


San Luis Obispo, CA

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Thor Larsen commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post No hiding behind AC 91-57 anymore
"RocketMan, I am totally on-board with what you are saying and can't help but agree. Having been involved in modeling now for several decades I also have a feel for the issue at hand.  That issue is primarily: What was once a hobby that required time…"
Oct 15, 2014
Thor Larsen commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post No hiding behind AC 91-57 anymore
"In reality it is the people (us) that read forums like this one, and are interested in "doing the right thing" that are getting all "bunched up" about all this.  The real issue is that these machines quads, planes, etc. that are autonomous (or not)…"
Oct 15, 2014
Thor Larsen posted a discussion in ArduCopter (traditional heli) user group
Hello.  I am beginning the process of taking a Century Swift 16 (a bit vintage but light and strong - about 550 rotor diameter) and converting it, with a Pixhawk, to an autonomous machine.  I feel that this would be a good alternative to my…
Dec 27, 2013
Thor Larsen commented on Charles lakins's blog post APM External 10mm Leds Buzzer Module
"Very nice.  I would love to use one of those, especially after I paint the inside of the APM case.  Nice work."
Aug 20, 2013
Thor Larsen commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post 184cm supercopter with heli-blades
"It seems that those prop holders allow adjustment of pitch when setting up the vehicle, but once it is flying the pitch remains the same (heli blades have no inherent "pitch" per. se., so it would be a necessity to be able to adjust that one way or…"
Aug 15, 2013
Thor Larsen replied to peter christian's discussion 10000mah Battery capacity - seriously?
"I have a MaxAmps 10000 4s lipo, and it works pretty well for my quad (3DR with 880kv motors and larger props).  However, the flight time doesn't really double, as it takes quite a bit more power to lift it.  I switched to a 5000, and can now "hover"…"
May 14, 2013
Thor Larsen commented on Timothy Reuter's blog post An Open Letter to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt on Drones
"Often moves like this will predate their becoming involved in a new domain -- it is seen with the "big" drone/airline makers all the time.  The bigger the restrictions the easier it is for them to outspend the little guys and keep going.  They have…"
May 14, 2013
Thor Larsen commented on Kur's blog post Sonar ALT_Hold Issue
"Funny about flying over grass... I have yet to fly my 3DR quad, but I have been tuning a good deal in my office (with carpeted floors).  When sitting on my desk, motors running or not (no propellers attached), the ALT readings seemed to be very…"
Dec 10, 2012
Thor Larsen replied to Richard Boyhan's discussion After Upgrade Mission Planner 3DR Radio Won't Connect
I have just run the update that you are speaking of, and my quad is sitting on my desk, connected vai 3DR radio's with no issue at start-up time.  Sorry I could not reproduce.
Nov 5, 2012
Thor Larsen replied to stephen cooper's discussion photo question
"A great program, one I have used a lot is called autostitch: http://cvlab.epfl.ch/~brown/autostitch/autostitch.html
The interface is a little quirky, but the results are beyond the pale. Will stitch a folder of images without any reordering…"
Oct 13, 2010
Thor Larsen commented on Paul Marsh's blog post Current State of Commercial SUASs (& New(ish) FAA Fact Sheet)
"Paul, another manufacturer for your list: Aeromech Engineering"
Oct 13, 2010