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  • Hola Jordi!!
    El Ardupilot es rojo y la expansión board azul. Saludos!!

    Hello Jordi! The Ardupilot is red and the expansion board blue. Greetings!
  • Developer
    Hola Nono,

    ?Que version de placa estas utilizado, roja o azul?

    Which version of the Shield are you using, red or blue?
  • Hola Jordi! usando un GPS EB85 si lo conecto en la placa de abajo se activa el led "lock" pero si lo conecto en la placa de arriba no. Se queda como si no tuviera cobertura de satelites. Tienes idea de que puede estar pasando? Gracias.

    Hello Jordi! using a GPS EB85 I down connect if it in the plate it activates the LED " lock" I connect but it in the plate of above no. remains as if it did not have cover of satellites. You have idea that it can be happening? Thanks.
  • All works now, it didn't seem related to the Easystar.h file. Many thanks for your help
  • i didn't say to click on it!!
    it is just to see if it is listed! if it is then it will work cause the folder and files inside are recognized

    hope that helps
  • I created a folder in \arduino-0017\hardware\libraries\ called Ardupilot and put the file Easystar.h in that folder. I have never once clicked on Sketch > Import Library. Mine compiles fine.
  • with the 0017 version you need to put the files in the folders as so:

    close and start again arduino IDE, go into sketch >import library:
    ArduPilot_Header should be into the list

    if it is into the list it should now works...
  • Thank you for the feedback. The current manual states "Ardupilot_Header" folder should be transferred to libraries. I have it set up as \arduino-0017\hardware\libraries\ArduPilot_Header\Easystar.h
    Are you suggesting the following: \arduino-0017\hardware\libraries\ArduPilot\Easystar.h? or \arduino-0017\hardware\libraries\ArduPilot\Ardupilot_Header\Easystar.h?
    I downloaded both 2.3 and the Arduino IDE at the weeked so presumably I have the latest versions.
  • 3D Robotics
    Whooper, what version of Arduino are you using? What version of ArduPilot code. There are no compile issues with the current code and current Arduino, so there's something funky in your installation.
  • EasyStar.h should be in the \arduino-0017\hardware\libraries\ArduPilot folder
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