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Official Open Hardware logo selected

3689399180?profile=originalAfter a great crowdsourcing and voting process, the official Open Hardware logo has been selected and is at right. You can read about it here. Open Hardware (aka Open Source Hardware) is a fast-growing movement, of which DIY Drones is a big part, and the process of defining it and setting norms and standards will help it mature the way Open Source Software has. A logo is just another step in this important process, so I'm delighted to see this. Plus I think it looks great!
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  • The voting was open to the public - I voted for this logo - not b/c I especially liked it, but the others were pretty lame and/or confusing.  Now that I see it again I like it better.  Simple and universally intelligible.
  • Did google play a role in voting in and or generating this icon? The reason I ask is that they are usually pro open source and the symbol look strikingly similiar to the Goggle Gears and/or gmail settings icon, of course with the added "open source" symbolism.
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    Happy: great story! I think this one is okay, however. Needless to say, the open portion is necessary to make the point about "open" hardware. And partial gears are often found in machine, mostly for reciprocating motion. (The below is from an airsoft gun trigger assembly, for example)



  • I think it is a hint to an open lock or it could even refer to this (regarding the missing tooth):


  • When I was in college, I had a professor that used to rant about the logo that was selected for some kind of club on campus. It was 3 gears all intermeshed. Their slogan was something like "Working togher, anything is possible." The professor loved to point out that with the 3 gears meshed, nothing could move....so nobody's going anywhere in that club....


    I like the looks of the logo above, but I can't help but notice it's missing a cog.... so it won't be long before the machine stops functioning....but maybe I'm looking at it wrong....



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    Wow Nice , but i think that  is more simple and cheaper develog good open software instead to develop good open hardware. If the project is simple is not a big problem for huge complex project for develop a good board do you need to have a lot of competence . In my experience i take for example the project of Floss Jtag , produce it without see the PCB , when i try to test it i found a problem on board because it not produced in right way :(

    So i spend a lot of money for produce board that don't work :( Another example .. yesterday i try to debug a problem that i had on Oilpan Reset , on the schematics i found a component , but in pcb that component disappear :(

    So the people keep atention to use Open Hardware if you don't know exactly what are you doing ... the other trouble in europe for example are the certification ...

    So ... OH is interesting for share schematics .. and info about hardware but if you want to produce an hardware do you know exactly  what you are doing. :)

    I develop my first board 20 years ago .. and every day a learn new things about fantastic electronic world :)



  • I also think it looks great and it is very clever. The kerning (or the font) needs correction but overall I like it :)
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