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Hello DIY Drone world....

Well it's been about a year since my last blog ( I built a new quad in the spring (photos attached) It has been a struggle but I have it flying great now. Problems with the APM 2.5 (3DR) since day one. First the new 2.5 lost its flash memory. (same problem I had with my APM 2.0). Tried everything , I re-soldered parts of the board, I checked for voltages but no success. I went with it as everything ells was working properly. About a month ago the APM wood fail to boot occasionally until it stopped altogether. Stressing the board would get it to boot. I used a microscope and identified a pad (see photo) that must not have received an adequate amount of solder past during production. I re-soldered the pad and now it seems to work properly. Due to the 2 strikes I felt the 3rd strike will cost me my drone so I have retired the board and replaced it with an ArduFlyer that seems to be performing great for me.

I purchased a brushless bimbal from China for $100 bucks and does that make a difference with to Gopro. The video has a mixture of with and without but you can see the difference. I still have some vibration on the frame but I almost have it mastered.

Some of the flights I did this fall were in some very remote areas at low temperatures (5-10C). It showed me the need for a battery warmer. Initial flight times were unpredictable but once they warmed up they were dependable. I worry that I may be stressing the batteries by charging them cold. I plan to use a small piezolectric cooler/warmer to warm them. (with a thermostat set for 28C). After flying I can use it to keep the beer cold.

As fall is setting in and the temperature is dropping I am starting to think of my next winter project. I need more power and longer flight times.



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  • Pretty cool. . .


  • Nice picture, indeed! Well, if you make this idea happen, please post it here so I can see it!

  • Hi Martin

    How about this, did a loiter hold in the same spot then merged the 2 pictures (6 shots for each world), not a video but looks neat. Great idea with a flightpath will have to look into that.3692855300?profile=original over the seasons.

  • Hey Emile,

    This is a very nice video and it gave me an idea.

    How about creating a flight path and flying it at several time of year? This would allow you to make a "single flight" (from the youtuber's perspective) video with the vegetation changing mid-air kind of smoothly (depending on how often/regularly you flew it).

    I would love to hear back from you on this!

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