One year of DroidPlanner

Today marks one year from the first public release of DroidPlanner (on March 20, 2013), so I thought would be nice to share some statistics.


The image above shows the number of active devices on which the application is currently installed.

And this is the distribution of installs by country:


The newer release, with big redesign of the User Interface, has also been well received. Here are stat's from yesterday:


But the main statistic for me is the number of people that have contributed to the code, which is now at 26 contributors ( about six are active currently).

The first time the project was posted for the public is here, at middle January 2013 (development started about a month earlier). And the first TODO list is in progress:

  • Develop a GCS for android devices, mainly to setup missions before flights. - DONE
  • And to analyze logs on the field afterward flights. - We have logs, but no analysis yet
  • Increase the App to add in flight telemetry. - DONE
  • And PID adjustment controls. - Partially, but we have a dedicated PID screen in the works.
  • Keep supporting the system. - That's up and running
  • Make this easy to use and functional, so that you won't need to turn on a computer to fly. - DONE

Thanks for everyone that made this possible.

And just as a reminder:

Download v2 here and donate here.

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  • Developer

    Congratulations by your awesome one year old baby, Arthur! =)

  • Congrats Arthur!

  • Developer

    @Thorsten: That's the idea, make a powerful but simple to use tool. And behind the scenes there has happened a big restructure of the code, which makes it easy to create more powerful mission (for instance the survey tool).

  • T3

    Fortunately, I never had problems with DP1. I am still using it. It never crashed! 

    DP2 looks really great and promising! But, please try not to oversimplify it. It should be easy to use for consumers but also offer options and the flexibility required by professional users. 

    Thanks again for all your efforts!


  • Developer

    @Simon Wunderlin: You couldn't be more correct. In DP1 I was releasing like crazy (you can see the release bursts on the first graph, which are the grey markers), but testing was limited to a couple of runs on my setup and that was it.

    On DP2 we are focusing on a more stable program, mostly because 3DRobotics has stepped in to support the development. This means less releases, and one or other feature delayed/removed, but every added future should be reliable and easier to use.

  • Hi Arthur

    Congratulations to your success.

    In this past year I had mixed feelings about DP. DP 1 seemed to be the bleeding edge of GCS on android. It was the cool kid on the block it got most of the user visible new features., but also lacked stability (QA?) often. So at the end of the day, on field deployments we favored andropilot. 

    I think that DP 2 has a huge potential, if it can be used for day by day operations mostly depends on release management and QA in my opinion.

    Thanks a lot for all the work, DP team


  • droidplanner is the best!

  • T3

    Happy birthday! And a big THANK YOU!

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