Open source G10 quad frame


I have just finished the design and prototype phase of my open source quad frame. Its a 1.5mm G10 frame for 10"-12" props. I am in the process of designing a two axis gimbal for it, but to do this i need access to a faster prototyping process. I have entered the instructables shopbot contest and I really hope that i can win that as it will make prototyping so much easier. I've spent approximately 3 months on this design so id really appreciate it if when downloading the dxf you can vote for my instructable.  

The DXF is on the third page


The design is made up of a very secure "ball" that protects the electronics and attaches the arms, making it extremely crash proof.

The arms are reversible so you can fly with some up and some down at the same time as the thrust line stays the same.

ESC's have their own mounting boards.

Motors lie inboard of the arms for protection.

Large battery bay with strap holes.

Large electronics platform.

The Design is fully modular for easy replacement of parts.

No glue is used only bolts for easy assembly and changing of parts.

Extremely strong and high GPS board. 

A gopro camera can mount directly to the top or bottom.

Sonar mount on landing gear.

Have fun with it 


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  • I do like that design!

  • has anybody found someone to cut some of these yet thanks

  • Great idea! Count me in for two.
  • What's the difference between your frames and the

    I have seen their frames more 3 years back.
  • Developer

    We could make test cuts for those in following week. I need to check from our engineers how busy they are on CNCs.

  • is any one in usa going to have some of these cut maybe we chould get one shop to cut them and get a better deal?

  • thats cool!!

  • In the video on my instructable you can see it flying with two up and two down. ;)

  • The quad can fly with the arms in either configuration, as the props lie on the same level. This make a really cool looking quad in flight. It also helps for camera rigs and orientation.

  • It looks like they are and seems it can be configured that way. Probably even with some motors upside down. Would be interesting for testing different flight configurations or even octo by putting two motors per arm.

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