OpenMV Cam on KS


Hey all, remember OpenMV Cam? It's the machine vision module that runs Python.

Well, we finally launched it on Kickstarter It does color tracking, object tracking, records movies and photos, too. All scriptable with Python. And it supports shields (think WiFi, LCD, IMU, ...)  It has IR LEDs. M12 lens mount. STM32F427 @ 180MHz.


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  • For SAR application, it's useful to be able to scan for particular colours and textures.

    SAR can't see colors.  This thread is about a visible light camera, not radar.

  • I backed it! Great work. Need more backers though :)

  • A great application comes to mind.

    For SAR application, it's useful to be able to scan for particular colours and textures. Is it possible to "train" the camera to search for a specific colour, by lettin it "sniff" the colour first?

    In the same way sniffer dogs are given a scent to track using an object covered with the subjects scent, we'd give the camera a colour to search for, by giving it a "sample" first. It would then highlight any sample that contains that colour.
  • Great, I can't wait to see it in action!

  • Backed!

    Not a huge python programmer, so hoping to leech some non-pattern detection code :-)

    I'm planning to use it in a SAR context, to try and make real-time target detection easier.

  • What is the video resolution? and what is FPS rate during face or blob tracking?

  • Nice project and amazing price considering your everyday fpv camera costs around the same.  A few dumb questions if I may:

    a) Frame rate looks like around 15fps. Can this be up scaled with lower res images?
    b) Cant see a vid out pin, guessing dev environment is via the serial ports?  Can one of the GPIO pins be assigned for this purpose?




  • Developer

    Looking good!! Backed!

    Reminds me a bit of the hackacam which was successful but which is now quite difficult to find.  The price of your camera is very reasonable (might I say too cheap?) for such a versatile camera.  Looks like you've also put a standard M12 lens mount on there so people should be able to change the lens.

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  • @Montezuma: thanks for asking -- short summary:

    • You script it in Python.
    • It detects faces and objects as well as colors.
    • You can record movies, videos.
    • It's smaller than Pixy at only 1.8" x 1.4" and you can expand it with shields. We're working on a WiFi shield, an IR sensor that overlays a heat map, a LiPo shield, LCD, and more (available later)
    • It has IR LEDs for night illumination, too. 
    • It costs less than Pixy
    • It uses a familiar STM32F4 MCU, same family as PixHawk, F4Discovery board, etc.

  • How is this sufficiently different from similar items, like the CMUCam5 Pixy, or the numerous other "feature rich", but rather "low" to "mid-level" resolution camera boards?

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