OpenPilot Revolution finally available!

Hi everyone!

I'm not affiliated with the OpenPilot project, but I figured it couldn't hurt to spread the knowledge - the OpenPilot Revolution ('Revo') platform is available for a limited time (orders close on November 5th).

The Revo is a very capable flight controller, based on the STM32F4 MCU, with a great IMU, built-in telemetry radio and a 5hz GPS.

I suggest you head on to for more information, but the basic costs are under 200$ for a complete kit (flight controller with onboard radio and GPS + ground station radio module).

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  • if you note the CC3D was released CC-BY-SA, how exactly is that not open?

  • I say we should all be patient and wait to see how this first batch of Revo`s does. If it does well, who knows, the OP guys might want to outsource production to a Sparkfun or whatever, it may be slow to pick up, it maybe difficult to get you hands on it but it sure has a lot of potential, and once they iron out all the kinks, I bet this will be a solid board. The CC3D is awesome, and these guys are very passionate. Sometimes, it`s better to wait before you go into mass production. My 2 cents worth. I pre-ordered a board and GPS, at that price, it is worth testing in my opinion.

  • Nope, not trying to compare us(APM) vs. Them(OpenPilot) at all. Just looking at their project and saying, if you use the term OPEN SOURCE and wish to create a momentum, then do the right thing and release all of it. @ Steve - not interested in profiting off their hard work. But I would use my own $ to send it over to a PCB shop to produce a few for me to use. Like I have done with just about every opensource hardware AP to date! As have the chinese :)

  • If it is really being done out of altruism, and they aren't interested in a profit, why not just release the board files and let people source their own?

    Anyway, I don't get it.  But it's not by project.

    I just don't want this to turn into an us vs. them flamefest, which has happened elsewhere.

  • "nothing in return."

    Yeah, being able to buy the board they designed with availability 99% of the year as well as sharing their hard work with the rest of the worldwide community would suck!  It would also suck for the manufacturer/retailers that have to spend a bunch of money on components, pcbs, and QC and sales for a typical Chinese low margin/high volume industry.

  • "If you can't make a big batch, then let others do it instead who have the $ and resources to do so...."


    Translates to: let others mark up the cost and make a profit off the hard work that everyone in the project has done in their spare time for nothing in return.

  • Well said Flying Monkey well said. Not only that, but open the project 100% like others have done. If you can't make a big batch, then let others do it instead who have the $ and resources to do so....

  • As a kid I stuck my finger into a flame... learned not to do that!


    I do think they have some brilliant minds over there, and have created a lot of great hardware and firmware... but it's frustrating to see it wasted by lack of availability.  I love the utopian dream... but the USSR proved that pure socialism doesn't work... nobody is motivated if there's no profit to motivate them.  We humans are programmed to hunt and gather, nowadays that means $, no matter how rich a person is they'll always to rake in more, and won't spend what they have.  If there's no $ then there's no deadlines, no motivation to get your "invention" out the door so while I like the OpenSource idea I think it's time for them to form a corporation and start selling, even if it means reinvesting the profits 100% into more batches of boards, R&D for the next new thing, plus a little in the savings as insurance against bad batches and such.

  • @ Boston UAV. Not being negative, just stating that it has been hard for customers to acquire the product. That's all. Limited batch, no US distributor....etc..etc...and long lead times....

  • $99 for the Revolution board! No brainer, considering the flight behavior of the CC and CC3D.

    Sure there are supply issues for the masses. Quality hardware and software is going to be in high demand. The model of OP is not commercial to make money. It's to make high quality affordable UAV for real work. Not just hobby. There's plenty of other controllers out there too. Is it fair to get upset bc OP isn't making enough boards for every single hobbyist on the plantet? 

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