OpenPilot Y6



6x 10 grak motor+6 amp esc.

openpilot brain.

800mah lipo.

10 cm props.

235 gram in the air.



i stil need to do pid tunig its not stabel jet.

hope you like it.

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  • Being from Florida, it sounds like something I should swat. Nice design btw.
  • almost stabel.
  • you are richt its a coppy of the bolt.

     my design is diverent  motors op top and botom and the frame to.

     the props are the same .

  • at least say that you didn't made this design on your own...

  • 4 or 5  minutes
  • Very professional looking frame. Looks very well built. How long is the flight time with that small of a battery?
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