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  • 30mins on a 2500ma 3cell lipo is VERY impressive!

  • On another video...  Man this guy has alot of videos.....

    Question: What do you suppose the maximum flight duration of your copter will be when done?

    His response: more than 30 minutes for long distance FPV and way point by DJI controller, this video we have got power from the engine more 80 % than 3 cell 2500 mA LiPo battery and may be got 30 minutes flight time.

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  • Gareth, I think the main advantage to using a generator in combination with batteries, and electric motors would be the liquid fuel has a higher energy density.  It probably won't be more efficient in terms of converting power to thrust, due to the additional weight of the motor and generator, but longer flight times might be possible.  I think it's one of those things worth thinking about.  It seems to work for cars. 

  • The angled electric props are counteracting the large middle one. They look like they're angled at more than 10 degrees.

    I thought about a similar idea a while back like you said. Motor powers generator, generator powers electric motor. Im not sure if a hybrid would be more efficient, it has batteries, batteries are heavy...

    Perhaps a small rotax motor, one would have to check fuel consumption.

    The coolest thing is, that refueling would take less than a minute!


  • Hmm, looks like he's using a counter rotating prop for the centre, and clockwise props for the outers.  I would have though that it would be easier to find a large clockwise prop, and used counters for the outers.  Looks like the outer motors are also angled.  I wonder if that's because the centre prop is also clockwise rotating.

    The flight time would probably be limited by how long the batteries last for the outer props. Theoretically the centre prop would offload a portion of the load on the batteries.  What would be even more cool, is if a 12v generator can be fitted, and then have it provide the power to the motors.


  • Whats the battery/fuel consumption like. Is there a big time gain as far as saving battery life vs adding fuel goes?

  • Interesting, so the main lift is provided by the centre prop, and the side props are mainly for control and counter yaw?  I've thought of such a concept in my head before.  My thinking is that the four side props can be spinning in the same direction and opposite to the centre prop.  Would save a lot of effort finding large props in counter rotating config. 

    One could just use a standard rotating large centre prop, and get more easily available smaller counter rotating side props.

  • Wow that's really impressive!

    Thank you very much for sharing.


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