Hobbyking today released on their website na OSD System Combo which contains a main board, power module, USB/GPS/IR/TEMP Modules with a Remote.


17140-main%281%29.jpgFrom their website:

The HobbyKing OSD Combo is a quick and easy way to add a wealth of on screen information to your FPV system. With GPS coordinates, airspeed, voltmeter, temperature, and many more display functions this OSD unit will make a great addition to any FPV setup at a fraction of the cost of other GPS OSD systems currently available. It even includes an IR sensor and remote control for wireless function control.
An excellent new feature of this system is the "home direction" indicator which works as follows:
"If more than 10KM/H or equivalent in MPH speed is measured by the GPS for not less
than half of a second, the system will switch the operating mode from “Landed” mode to
“Taken-Off” mode. The system will always compare between the current position
coordinate and the position measured in “Landed” mode, and calculate the “Home
Direction”, hence advises the pilot where the plane took off referencing to the current flying
heading. If you are lost during the flight, you may always fly back to the take-off
location by the referencing of home direction arrow."

OSD Display Features:
Power battery voltage
Power battery gauge
Power battery current
Power battery consumed energy
GPS status
Position Coordinate
Main Sea Level Altitude
Direction heading
Home direction
Relative altitude
Altitude scale
Climb rate
Maximum altitude reached
Distance to home
Speed scale
Speed reading
Auxiliary voltage status
Horizontal datum
Flight recorder status

Weight: Main board - 17g / Power module - 23g
Dimensions: Main board - 60x18x34 / Power module - 57x13x31


Edit: This seems to be the Apached OSD from AEORC. A manual can be found here


Price is US$ 56.94, but if you stay for about 30 seconds on that page, you will be offered to buy it for US$ 53.87 (can be different depending on your membership level)

The product page can be found here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=17140

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  • shes back https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct...

    half the stuff but still ~$50

  • someone has beat us to posting a good video of this osd,,,,,speaks for itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fla_fOakNI

  • sgt ric, 


    for 172 you get the same thing that we got for ~54 (enitre shabang), which to me still seems like a great deal, this is night and day from my cyclops osd which i payed 100 for, not trying to be cheap but 172 still seems reasonable....,,,im considering buying another one from the main website to upgrade my trex450 from the cyclops,,,,,,,,,,,APM osd is probably gonna be pretty amazing and fully customize-able osd so i will be looking out for that........

    i pulled (cut) my bixler apart and mounted most of my components under the wing and back from there inside the tail section, there is plenty of room if you cut it open but i know thats not a option for everyones taste, a 4s 2200 and pan tilt camera just over the canopy made up for the weight in the tail so it all worked out, 


    good luck with the osd as i can see mines clearly but i dont have goggles.......it has a menu and options all of which i havent completely played with,,,,,i just plugged it in and started flying haha...... apache osd>cyclops v1 & 1.5

  • Moderator

    @HansAM... The new OSD is for one or both of my EZStar FPV platforms with RV 900mhz video systems w/ pan&tilt mounts.
    I couldn't stuff the ArduPilot system in the EZs, so they did not evolve into APM planes.

    My APM platform is a 81" pusher with 2 still cams in the fuselage and (soon)a GoPro in the nose.
    I intend to add a GCS, and now Chris mentioned that APM will soon have an OSD component as well.

    Since I fly with video goggles, I can't wait to see this weekend whether this new HK OSD is visible enough to navigate using the Headplay or not.

  • Moderator

    @Hans AM...Does the main board direct from AEO include all the sensors, the GPS, the cables, and the remote?

    All this is why I was so surprised by HKs (former) pricing for the 15 minutes after @Crash posted the link.

  • does anyone think its worth the 172 that the main company sells it for?  this is only my second osd up from cyclops v1........so its pretty amazing to me http://www.aeorc.cn/english/?gallery-89.html

  • Glad to hear someone is happy with my posts and good to see some people here made it in time to order. In other blog posts I have had complaints about posting about new commercial products.

  • @CrashingDutchman, thanks for the post mine arrived a couple days ago.

  • sgt ric what platform will you be running this osd in? i am currenly flying fpv in a bixler, and looking for an upgrade to something a little more cleaner looking and more space, also i want to put a camera in each wingtip facing down,,,,,,,my current camera video recording (non transmitting recording only) camera is my cell phone DROIDX, as it takes an amazing video!!!!!.....my bixler is loaded!!!!

  • Moderator
    I really do love this community!
    Amazing tech innovations and brilliant applications and custom platform creations each day... Plus once in awhile some interesting side adventures like this HK OSD lottery!
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