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    @Max, search area is so large I don;t think quadcoper would guarantee a success with less than 30km/h sustained cruise speed.
  • The search area is some distance away from the launch point. In my opinion a quad would be ideal if 1 hour of flight time was easily achievable.
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    Two questions...
    1) all entrants are planes because they simply need to stay aloft longer than a heli or quad every could?
    2) no arduPilot entrants this year? Maybe this is the year of ArduPilotMega creation, next year is where it's on one of the winning entrants.
  • Not long to go now! :)
    All this rain is starting to clear today too.... fingers crossed!
  • Team EagleEye from the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering Lab at the University of North Dakota is getting ready to leave for Australia tomorrow morning! You can follow our progress on the blog we set
    UND Outback Challenge
    Follow The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering team as they compete in the 2010 UAV Outback Challenge in Kingaroy Australia
  • Multiple million dollar deals have been thrown out the door for missing important technical information. It’s the name of the game!
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    Looking forward to the coverage of the event. Great to see that Max will be broadcasting live!

    Our team,Y-UAV, met all requirements for Deliverable 2 and we demonstrated them in the videos. However, we were disqualified because we didn't clearly mention one technical point in our documentation (although we implemented it). We were disappointed with that news and will have to enter next year.
  • This year will be the year, i can feel it.
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    If you would like to see as many of the qualifying videos and teams as I could find, they are here I am going to ask a couple of people, including Max to send some stills and reports back. I will be buying my VB to support the Victoria teams and sitting down to watch ;-)
  • Sweet. Look forward to seeing our coverage Max.
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