P9X autopilot, a revised pixhawk


Pixhawk is a great autopilot, we love its robustness and rich sets of features. Nowadays it is a de-facto to low cost autonomous vehicle application.

There’re always some changes you want to make in an open source design, this rule also applies to Pixhawk. First, I want to make it smaller, to fit it into a f5B glider fuselage, with built-in dampers and a plastic shell could survive a hard crash. Then I want to make the sensors to be replaceable, so I can test new MEMs gyros. And lastly, I want to make the IO completely customizable to my specific application, eliminating 3-pin RC connectors, better fixture to a larger avionic payload motherboard, or an array of Pixhawks without messy wiring.

So in the last winter, we had it done, named it P9X

Some quick facts about P9X: (might subject to change due to its beta phase)

  • 80mm x 50mm x 17.2mm box made of 1.5mm thickness mold injected PC/ABS
  • 43mm x 50mm core PCBA size
  • Tested with Ardupilot
  • Tested with QGC 2.7 version PX4 firmware
  • PX4 master built not yet running (maybe a firmware issue)
  • Total weight: 45g
  • Connectors fully compatible with Pixhawk
  • Integrated silicon rubber damper (need help in axle alignment test)
  • 4 copper nuts embedded for M3 screw mounting (dimension: 38mm x 25mm)
  • IMU sensors swappable (need soldering)





We need your Help!

The first 50pcs batch is out, we have invested in inject mold, silicon rubber mold, silk screen printing. We want more testers and a crowd funding campaign, before that, we want to make sure this hardware revision has no serious design issues. If you are experienced user, developer, embedded engineer, please consider purchase one of these beta samples and send us feedback.


How to get one.

Back in the last year, Raspilot project generated no income, Emlid and Erle Robotic has inspired by its design then they have made their similar design products. I don’t want to bankrupt in my hobby, and make it serious to be a self-employed job. So no more free samples.

I want to sell these 50 pcs unit for 150USD each, with Aramex shipping from Shanghai, China. Please give me feedback about the price.


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  • Developer
    No, you don't get it!

    Just publish, and we all move on.
  • Solo.......
  • https://github.com/proficnc/Pixhawk2

    this design has been shipped over 100k?

    i don't get it.

  • Anytime Philip, I'm getting tired, of the lack of respect, for what it is that the Devs do, and the companies that have built their following, on the backs of others hard work, how someone can throw a new skin around Pixhawk, and call it theirs, without the decency, to go through the proper channels, then have the balls, to attempt to sell that product, on the coat tails, of a 3DR sponsored site. Show zero respect for not just you, but for everone involved in the development of ArduCopter. I believe, this entire thread, should he removed by the Admins.
  • Developer
    Thank you Paul! I appreciate the support!
  • there are already around 100,000 Pixhawk 2's in service

    All that was requested, was for you to comply with the licence! Nothing more!

    As a user and builder, I firmly reject what you have just done to a dev, and know that those true to the community, will reject your arrogance
  • i firmly reject your request.

    your aggression will pay for a price. i don't think you really care about the IP, it your Pixhawk2 being effected by this debut, and jealous, so you want to expose this product to the cloners wishlist. i don't care your Pixhwak2 design if it's working, working good or not, you have been doing Pixhawk2 so long, and as a lead 3DR hardware developer, i don't think you are proficient for the job. And Raspilot was been intensionally deleted from ardupilot repo, all these i have the conclusion above.

    Asking for a fair price to support international customers, and not being like HK product use pricing to compete the others, that all i wanted. during the pocess of our team discussion for re-design a more clean Pixhawk derivitive design, i posted this message, so i don't think i could be shamed for taking any of your blame.

    happy with your designs, hope it will fly soon.

  • Developer
    So, you wanted to sell it to this group at double the price that you are selling in China?
    You have already delivered, so why won't you follow the licence?

    You Sir are a liar!


    Or can't you?
  • @Philip Yes. lots more will be delivered after chinese new year.

    and the price is 400 rmb, less than 70USD.

    Aramex shipping international will begin later this month.

  • I just don't get the reluctant behavior, obviously by the responses here, people are intersted in the product, you are not inventing PH, comply with the license and give back to throw community, and all is gold.
This reply was deleted.