P9X design files in public domain

Now you can get all design files here:


There's now License claims in these files so do whatever you can with it.

3689691097?profile=originalThe V1.0 hardware has successfully proved its design, now we are building it even better.


New JST GH IO board is under testing.

3689691048?profile=originalWe even have customer who's building their own fully functional flight controllers by integrating the mainboard inside.

V1.1 hardware will be available in June 2016, with new features:

  • PX4 firmware compatible
  • optional JST GH IO board
  • optional CNC shell
  • New IMU configurations
  • bi-directional AUX port (support Lidar lite better)
  • anything you are not too late to ask

Thanks for reading this. hope people think they are offended in this thread have a better mood tomorrow, no offence.



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  • @titeuf007 sorry now swamped. after V1.1 test will have this issue evaluated.

  • jerry any news?do you check my link

  • @Philip thanks for the heads up. I've the right ones

    @Paul sorry, no dual baro, no firmware support for it so i can not do it.

    @titeuf007 i don't know how to do it, you do have any reference?

  • does it have resistor to avoid imu2 bad health?

  • @Jerry, Only way I know of to test it is what Randy describes in the video link in my first post here. In fact, I only learned of this issue because of Randy's post.

    Looking at the graphic that was posted earlier it appears that the board has dual barometers. Is this correct? If so, what advantage is there of two on-board baro's? I do use dual baro's myself - first on a quadcopter build (running arducopter 3.4dev, as this supports additional barometers), and secondly on a plane build as I believed the baro on my Pixhawk Lite may be faulty so used the external on the Plane 2.5.3 f/w to test this. I can see the value in having an external baro, lifted high outside the low pressure bubble created around some airframes during forward movement, but wondering what value a dual baro setup would have on-board, aside from basic redundancy of course? 

  • Developer

    3702240936?profile=originalthe Chip with the green circles is the correct chip.
    note it is made in the Philippines, has rev 3, and has the extra dimple.


  • @Paul, v1.1 engineering samples use rev3, which alleged by the source. it will be tested. trays of these is bought in house. Do you have any program or method to test it, or any branch of ardupilot.

    @Philip, thanks!

  • @Curt, are you using the latest Rev3 STM32F427 processor ?

  • Developer

    Hi Jerry
    Awesome job on releasing the files!  Really glad to see them!

    Again, sorry that your intro here was not smooth, but welcome aboard!


This reply was deleted.