P9X design files in public domain

Now you can get all design files here:


There's now License claims in these files so do whatever you can with it.

3689691097?profile=originalThe V1.0 hardware has successfully proved its design, now we are building it even better.


New JST GH IO board is under testing.

3689691048?profile=originalWe even have customer who's building their own fully functional flight controllers by integrating the mainboard inside.

V1.1 hardware will be available in June 2016, with new features:

  • PX4 firmware compatible
  • optional JST GH IO board
  • optional CNC shell
  • New IMU configurations
  • bi-directional AUX port (support Lidar lite better)
  • anything you are not too late to ask

Thanks for reading this. hope people think they are offended in this thread have a better mood tomorrow, no offence.



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  • @Thomas, that errata is here just for info: 


  • @Paul, The 1MB flash limit is a flaw in the die of the STM32F4 CPU. There is an errata from Atmel which gives the chip's revision number when the bug was fixed. Don't remember the revision number right now, but ANY device that is still using the old version will have the flash problem. An unscrupulous manufacturer could be buying the old chips and using them, and that is fine if the application does not require over 1MB. No doubt Jerry can answer definitively.

  • @jerry, does your board suffer from the 1MB flash limit which Randy discusses in his video here: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/pixhawk-1mb-flash-limit ?

    @Rana, you mentioned... why not get the Pixhawk Lite? Just to advise, I have one (about a month old) and this does have the 1MB flash limit mentioned by Randy, as do all my regular Pixhawk clones - the only one I have which doesn't incidentally, is the AUAV-X2

  • @Thomas

    Good suggestion, it will be done.

  • @jerry, Would it be possible for you to please add a PDF of the schematic to the github files. Otherwise, a person must have Altium to look at the schematic.


  • @Jani

    I personally deeply appreciate the community, especially after many arguments my account has not been deleted, so i can many thing right.

    It will take a little while to make P9X production survive, but when it's grown into a business, donations will be done.

  • Developer

    Great to see a new autopilot setup coming from original designs. It would also be great too if they would participate on Ardupilot development costs by donating few $$ from every sold units. As without proper funding for the project, development cannot continue.

    There are several companies who are supporting Ardupilot development already, yes jDrones is one of them. We have always been one of the main supporters for the project, now after 3DR is gone we are the last one from the original team to support this project and still continue strong.... Goodluckbuy and others do not support development in anyways.

  • @Rana If you use a x8 like me, you can't use the PIX4lite,this is a reason to buy P9X ;-)

  • @Jerry - OK however when I go to purchase I may not have the time to go through your purchasing process which could affect your sales in these times of easy online purchases.

  • @Jerry - OK however when I go to purchase I may not have the time to go through your purchasing process which could affect your sales in these times of easy online purchases.

This reply was deleted.