With more than 200 parameters to "tweak", the ardupilot-mega system can be a bit intimidating. Documentation is critical, but in a fast-moving project like APM, it is almost impossible for the documentation to keep up with the code. A major improvement in the code was the addition of inline documentation for the configuration parameters, several months ago. This documentation has been visible recently in the superb new configuration screen in Mission Planner, which provides a detailed description, units, defaults etc. for many key parameters.


Now, this documentation can also be found in the Wiki. Best of all, this wiki page is dynamically generated with every single new revision of the code, just like in Mission Planner. As new parameters are added, or existing ones modified, the developers can change a few lines of comments and the wiki page will update to reflect that change, instantly, from code to wiki. 


Visit the new dynamic wiki page  Parameters and their meaning

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  • Wiki Ninja

    well done!

  • @ Adrian

    Guided mode is where the vehicle waits for a command from the GCS to tell it where to go and at what altitude and loiters at that point until its given another command. IIRC Loiter mode is where the vehicle just stays at its current location when the mode is activated.

  • wow that looks like alot of work thanks

  • Very useful. Shows up anomolies very easily. Two things.

    Firstly, centidegrees. Hundreds of a degree or 0.01 degrees might be clearer, at least to me.

    Secondly, under flight modes you have:

    Value Meaning
    0 Manual
    1 CIRCLE
    5 FBWA
    6 FBWB
    10 Auto
    11 RTL
    12 Loiter
    15 Guided

    The last is a puzzle. It crops up in the Wiki under Geofencing, but I can't find it defined. What is 'Guided' mode, and how does it differ from, say, Auto or RTL?

  • thanks a lot! 

    good job for this wiki!

  • 100KM

    Thank you!!

  • Hi Andreas, what's your suggestion for document localization?

  • Developer

    Yup, that's a bug in the documentation of the code. Will be fixed ASAP (and then the wiki will update live).

    Already pushed some fixes to ArduPlane flight mode documentation.. should appear in a few minutes

  • No, under arducopter, one is for RTL and one is for approach.

  • Developer

    @Dror  Correct, once in ArduPlane and once in ArduCopter. There is some  overlap, but also some subtle differences. That is why it is organized by vehicle.

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