This is the video our first flight of the Disco from Parrot using the Paparazzi UAV system. Most of the drivers where already available, except for the PWM output on Linux-based autopilot. Many thanks to the ArduPilot community and especially Andrew Tridgell for his help and tips to make this driver working for Paparazzi.

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  • Telemetry is through Wifi for now, and the RC control is down with SBUS input. But since the hardware is really close to the Bebop2, I'm sure it will be possible to connect a modem if needed (not top priority for me at least). Have a look at this video from TUDelft using an Iridum modem for Satcom with Bebop2 using Paparazzi:

  • Gautier...ok, so you use the udp connection over wifi. Any initiative to control the Disco over long range rc, with full tlm, using the Paparazzi system?
  • I didn't investigate the USB ports at the moment. Also mavlink is not the native communication system of paparazzi, but we can still output some mavlink messages on serial ports. It is usually enough for display but controlling the plane is an other matter as our flight plans are different from the one of ArduPilot/PX4.

  • Awesome! So, how do I get the Parrot CHUCK to output mavlink out its usb port so i can connect a tlm radio and bring back tlm over long range UHF radio link?

  • If it helps, most of the information we have can be found here:

    Bebop - PaparazziUAV
  • The Parrot Chuck seems to be a nice piece of hardware, well integrated and ready to run its native Parrot firmware, Arduplane and now Paparazzi. But it is not easy to get detailed documentation on it. If anyone has a path, please show us. This autopilot probably would deserve more popularity.

    I guess this is what happen when a company proposes in the same time cheap RTF systems like ArDrone or Bebop, middle range budget like Disco and high end survey tool like Ebee. They are not very willing to give the key to pay for a simpler system and improving it to make it more powerfull by DIY touch.

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