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I get the whole cheeky viral video thing, but this one from the Parrot AR.Drone team just seems obnoxious and irresponsible. Or am I just being over-sensitive?

Speaking of the AR.Drone, my production version just arrived. I'll add unboxing pictures in a few...[Update: here]

UPDATE: There's a second one, even worse. Now they're tormenting animals:

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  • It looks like the movie/show jackass.
  • Horrible.
  • i'd be surprised if either of those were not set-ups. The first well done, but not terrible evolved or funny, the second. Points to the bull. All I get from that is the Parrot is way easily destroyed by the bull, doesn't make me want to buy one at all.
  • The videos appear very immature to me, but as Patrick said, maybe that's the audience they're trying to reach? To be honest, marketing this thing as a toy to kids makes much more business sense than marketing it to UAV enthusiasts. The numbers just don't add up. And I'm guessing as time goes by it will adapt to suit that market more and more and suite us less and less.
  • No i think those are perfect videos because this is probably going to be bought for kids. I mean in the end it is a toy and with fake missiles and ways to battle in 2 player mode, this product is for kids like a little RC helicopter a parent would buy at the mall for their kids birthday. Yeah some adults like these but i think with these being sold at Brookstone, most adults walking into a store and seeing this do not want to buy one for themselves rather maybe their child. And a child likes to torment and spy on others.
  • So, at least two expensive toys got smashed to bits and the owners or their friends are smiling. Is one point of this supposed to be that these things are cheap and/or disposable? Since I read the post before watching the vids, it's hard to be objective, but I'm not getting it. I guess you have to ask just who they are trying to appeal to. I'm thinking it's young people with lots of disposable income (or allowance) who like to have fun at others expense.
  • Who's a silly boy?
    Who's a silly boy?

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    "Now they're tormenting animals"
    Yeah, a Bull! I think it can handle a little teasing ;)

    I know where you're coming from though. It certainly does set an irresponsible example. Fun, I'm sure, none the less. :)
  • They made the stupidest videos possible where they highlight the fragility of their product :S

    It is very odd because the AR.Drone made an impact not only here or in similar websites (where there is a certain interest) but in more general ones largely due to the original excellent and impressive promotional videos.
  • "allot of us care more for aminals than we do for the human race....me being one of them" wow, that's exactly what's wrong with our World today...sorry, just had to say....

    BTW - are you all out protesting bull fights in Spain and South America? Cause I'm pretty sure those animals are ACTUALLY abused / killed, not just chased by a UAV...
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