! Partner wanted in USA, Canada, Oceania... !


Hello there,

We've developped a mapping/photography solution based on the 3DR SOLO
We figured, let's provide SOLO owners with an more open version (you can use the data collected in the software you like)
Over the past 8 months we've developped our solution to make it as simple as it can be, resulting in a really easy to use system for aerial data acquisition.
More details on the process with the tower app in this video


Basically, for mapping purposes, the drone will be controlled as usual by Mission Planner or Tower, execute the mission and then, once disarmed, it will automatically dowload the pictures taken during the mission, geotag them and you'll get them stored in a folder on the usb key.
Of course you'll also have the live video feed from the Qx1 while on flight.
This solution finds no equivalent in this price range with the same results and automation 


Since the launch a few months ago, there has been an increasing international demand for this solution as it is the most evolved version of a mapping/photography solution based on a SOLO.


We are looking for drone companies expert on pixhawk to partner with and spread this solution in some countries.

Each partner will have an exclusivity on a specific country and will be the only contact for this region.
Anyway we hope that you see this as an opportunity as much as we do, we'll be moving very fast on the next weeks to find a local partner in order to spread the solution quickly.
Be informed that we won't stop at this point, we are currently working on thermal camera integration and will be looking into RTK integration as well.
We are available to discuss over the phone (GMT+2), skype, or via Email to talk about the details of this partnership
And of course this solution is already available worldwide since 3 months now.
Skype : Escadrone
Phone : 0033 458 00 54 10
E-mail me when people leave their comments –

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  • We are still looking for partners around the world, do not hesitate to contact us !

  • Thank you for clarification,

    I thought you needed extremely accurate camera pointing information.

    But now if I understand correctly you use geotag to get absolute camera location and optically aligned  photo stitch to assemble grid of photos.

    So as long as photo itself is of high quality, minor variations in camera angle are insignificant.

    Best regards,


  • Exactly, as Pascal said it,

    This system has been created for aerial photography and photogrammetry, we base our work on pictures. The servo gimbal ensures that the horizon is kept and that's all we ask to get perfect results in cartography and to create 2d/3d models...

    If we wanted to make videos with this drone we would have kept the 3DR gimbal and GoPro, the Mapper version is mostly for technical use. Moreover a brushless version of the gimbal would be too heavy for the drone to lift.

    If you're looking for a machine with the same specs (similar sensor +gimbal+video feed) you'll only be seeing competition starting from 4-5000$ that won't even allow geotagging

    I hope this answers your question. 

    We're still looking for partners to spread this solution in Asia and North America.


  • Gary,

    This setup is for mapping, so one picture every 2 sec or so. Not continuous video with smooth transitions. In my setup i have an Iris with a fixed RX100 on its belly. No gimbal at all and so for pretty good results for mapping.

    Should this machine be targeted for inspection, setup would have been different.

  • Hi Nicolas,

    I see you are using a servo based gimbal.

    Is this really adequate for stabilization?

    Pretty much everyone else has abandoned servos for brushless, because brushless are better at maintaining steady camera without the stepping or notching often found in servo based systems, which result from gear backlash and other free motion especially at reversal.

    I also see you are not using 3rd Axis for stabilization like Solo gimbal.

    Assuming that these issues are not a problem, it looks like a very reasonably priced setup for the QX1.

    Best Regards,


  • sorry, no, we do not tag attitude as photogrammetry software devs confirm me that they do not use attitude...

  • T3

    I believe Mario meant attitude as in pitch roll yaw?

  • Hi,  sure we tag x,y,z

  • T3

    Sigh, I would buy this in a heartbeat for my mapping project if I could afford it.

  • Moderator
    We use Solos and the S100 right now. I can't help you with the distribution partners, but I'm interested as a customer. Prices look reasonable after a quick 3:00am glance, too.
    Do you also tag with attitude information?
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