Hey Guys 

I collected everything from the supplier today. Below are some photos of what I received


2 X RC Timer 450 Legs Red

2 X RC Timer 450 Legs Black

2 x RC Timer Spider Base plates

4 X Black Metal Stand-ups

1 X Camera Mount Plate

1 x GoPro Mounting Plate

5 x Rubber Vibration Dampers

Some Screws

***************************************Landing Gear***************************************

4 X Nylon RC Timer Spider Landing Gear legs

Some Screws 

***************************************Controller Board etc***************************************

1 x RC Timer Arduflyer 2.5.2 with pin headers and cables

1 x RC Timer CN06 with cables

1 x Power Distribution Board

1 x RcTimer 6A UBEC (5 / 6V)

5 x Servo Leads

2 x Battery Straps

***************************************AV Dome***************************************

1 x Plastic Dome

1 x MiniUSB Cable (Male to Female)

1 x Header Pins

4 x White Nylon Standups - Long

4 x White Nylon Standups - Short

4 x Rubber vibration Dambers

1 x Capacitor

1 x Buzzer

1 x Carbon Fiber Flight Controller mounting plate 

1 x Aluminium Mounting plate

Some screws


4 x RC Timer 2830/12 850Kva


4 x Turnigy MultiStar Opto 30A ESC

For Some reason I cannot add more photos to this post, So I'll Create another post with the rest of the Stuff.

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Comment by Matthew Kerle on April 30, 2014 at 11:55pm

are you gong to flash your ESCs to SimonK? I've seen a lot of comments where people say that the default firmware on the ESCs has the refresh rate too low so the quad feels "sluggish" and unresponsive. apparently it gets a lot zippier with the SimonK

Comment by Johann van de Venter on May 1, 2014 at 4:53am

Hi Mattew

I might flush them. I have read about the SimonK by have not checked out the process. Something I will look into when I get there for sure.

Comment by Daniel Allen on May 1, 2014 at 10:12am

Should have went with the Afro ESCs from the start. I was surprised to see you were going with a kit after you made your announcement. I thought you were going to build the quad from that picture. Oh well =)


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