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  • Chines retardado e burro !

    O coitado acha que o capacete vai ajudar se alguma coisa der errado hahahahahh.

    Se eu tivesse dinheiro eu pagava pra ver ele levantando voo e logo após ser espedaçado em pleno ar.


  • I should have put in a little reminder that we already had a little chill-down-the-spine chat after seeing a previous tape from this in Gian Carlo Martinelli's post

    This film from the cattlefarmer turned aviation pioneer's backyard seems to depict a later stage of his mad multi rotor development, culminating in a terrifying scene. I hope the poor man saw some light after this test. 

    The film caught my eye after seeing the film Chris Anderson posted about the carrier landing competition and I could not see that we had it up here before.


  • They need to learn something of this branch :

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    Lots of nice space for banner ads on the round thingy. Perhaps 3D Robotics and Chris can cut a deal and give them an APM for some ad space before the poor pilot gets cut up by the blades. :o)

  • Definitely one of those 'i will build it, if you fly it' projects'. lol...

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    That is realy cool, nice to see they got it to properly lift off, but they definitely need some sort of autopilot to control it.

  • Dear Santa pool table, saved his life for sure..... thats why i love china... 

  • good !

    now they just need the APM

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