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  • Hi Jimmy,

    Very nice and clever mod for DJI ph.

    Since the "product page" link does not work, may I ask : can you share the stl files somewhere ?

    Or is it actually to sell ?

    Thanks, Pierre

  • Hydra rockets pods next pls

  • 40 feet relative to the ground. 68 feet relative to sea level.

  • What's the elevation where you conducted this test?

  • MR60

    Jimmy, well done. Ignore these PC paranoids.

  • I feel so much better now... (is the arrow too phallic?)


  • Here is a test with one pound of weight. I changed the name for Rob.

  • All paranoia aside, the FAA does allow for dropping of objects under Part 107 rules as long as you take proper precautions.  But IMHO a Phantom isn't really designed to handle several pounds of payload.  Maybe it can but there's a lot to be said for not pushing the outside of the designed flight envelope.  So, my question to the group is is there a COTS multicopter that has a decent payload capacity and the ability to drop said payloads?  I've looked at Splash Drone and honestly, I'm not impressed.  It doesn't have enough payload capacity at high elevations and it appears that you have to give up the camera gimbal to do that.

  • Moderator
    This blog post did not violate any of the terms of service and therefore it still stands. Personally speaking and independent of my "admin" role I see no issue either. I'm contracted for duties that include the term bombing, water and seeds etc. The term is in regular use for non nefarious activities and these systems are widely available for purchase and use. As has been said before, anything can be used by idiots for harmful purposes. Are you suggesting rob that would should capitulate to these people and stop innovating or enjoying our hobbies just in case one of them gets an idea? If that were the case your Procyon heli with its superb capabilities should never have seen the light of day.
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    Rob, I'm making fun because people are overreacting, not for the seriousness of what has been happening (and I'm fully aware of what).

    Good thing this wasn't posted on FB because that is where I'd expect this kind of overreaction.

    ANYONE with a 3D printer or a fretsaw and some plywood can make this but Jimmy gets drawn out over the coals for showing it. Talk about mountain^molehill. Reacting like people did does absolutely NOTHING to stimulate OR stop terrorism. I'm sorry, but I feel that thinking that it does is really silly.

    You can buy commercial bait dropper's online easily -
    and - et al, which do exactly the same thing and yet no-one is demanding that they remove their products or get uptight about their "bomb-dropping" apparatus or demanding ITAR clearance. Maybe his choice of words wasn't appropriate initially (and he has changed it) but I feel this is harmless fun.

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