Pipo quad progress




Here's the latest on Pipo board development. Code already contains AHRS, PID, PWM and multiplexer routines.   I still need to complete the AP/GPS routines, the simple configurations via the radio and only after that I'll tackle the AP routines.


As it is I think I'm doing OK for space.  I'm currently using ~40% of program space and ~15% of eeprom space so there should be enough room left over for the AP.

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  • Very excited to see it fly and to then get mine!
  • I'm actually trying to break from the "quad controller" tag.  :)

    It can be a quad controller but it can just as easily control a fixed-wing airplane, a heli or a camera gimbal.   All in the same software.  The multiplexer is really flexible.  If you're familiar with the er9x software you'll feel right at home.


    Thanks d-creator :]

  • GO ISRAEL!!!!! GO HAIFA!!!!!
  • Good stuff. I've often thought there is a place for a miniature quad controller for indoor or micro quads.
    Next task an oil pan that has 4 ESCs on it :)
  • i must say i am very impresses... i am keen to grab one from you when you're done and put it into a micro quad :D
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