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Pixhawk/APM compatible Wifi radio

Want to do mission planning or setup with Tower on Android or MAVPilot on iOS without the hassle of janky cables? What you need is a direct Wifi connection to your drone. The new Pixhawk/APM-compatible Wifi radio from HobbyKing is perfect for this, and just $19.97.  I almost exclusively use mobile apps and wifi now -- 400m range is fine for setup, planning and telemetry. Leave that laptop and those cables at home!

Tired of having to program your APM / Pixhawk system by wire? The APM / Pixhawk Wireless Wifi Radio Module is the perfect solution! This simple yet effective module replaces the 3DR data transmission module and frees you from the limitation of a USB cable. The system is suitable for all flight controllers with TTL interface.

The Wifi Radio module is supplied with both Pixhawk and APM compatible wire harnesses for quick and easy setup. 

• Wireless functionality for Pixhawk and APM
• Compact and lightweight system supplied with Pixhawk and APM wire harnesses
• Replaces the 3DR data transmission system module
• Supplied with Pixhawk and APM wire harnesses

Transmission Rate: 11n:MAX150Mbps;11g:MAX54Mbps;11b;MAX11Mbps
Channels: 1~14
Frequency Range: 2.4 ~ 2.4835 Ghz
Transmitting Power: 14 ~ 18 DBM
Interface: Serial port, GPIO
Transmitting Range: 300 ~ 800 meter
Working Temperature: -20 ~ +70 degrees
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +80 degrees
Bandwidth: 20MHz/40MHz/Auto Optional

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  • This is already possible with ESP8266 using JeeLabs esp-link to create a wifi-serial bridge.

  • Wyatt, at the phone side let there be a Wi-Fi router with booster kept nearby rather than looking for Wi-Fi booster for the phone. There are amplified Wi-Fi router already available that can also be used.

    For the second part of the question, would say no.

  • ok so it replaces the telemetry.. now all you do is have to buy a wifi booster for your phone?

    and will it stream video from the copter from any camera to wifi though an app.. thats what we want is a free app... and have wifi stream live video from the copter without a reciever for those who dont want to buy all that junk

  • For streaming HD video, this is not the one.

  • With few hacking it can be used for HD streaming

  • 14dBi patch antenna was at ground and 5dBi regular antenna on the plane side. I was using a similar booster amplifier on the wifi router at the ground. 

  • Hi Artem, Patrick & Lisa !

    ESP-07 ESP8266 is +25dBm, it is printed onto it. With 14dBi patch antenna, I got more than 5km range while the plane was at 300mt altitude. I have several of them and its just great as said by Patrick as well.


    Infact in one of the module I used 2W Wi-Fi amplifier, and could not test the end of the range as I had no battery endurance of my plane to test the maximum range. 


  • @Rana Thank you for the comments on the ESP8266, just ordered a couple. 

  • Never did get why the multi billion dollar quad copter startups never made a wifi-900Mhz bridge that stood near the phone, converting short range wifi into long range 900Mhz, without janky cables.  It was how hobbyists always did it.

  • Hello Rana,
    I got a couple of these and they are real fun to play with, providing that you can setup a development environment and getting used to the akward AT commands , that brings you back to the modem era...
    ...and you got to have some kind of programming device or a ftdi adaptor, adding up another couple of $$ and adaptor cable for the autopilot and this funny micro xfl connector for the antenna and then tune up antenna cable for optimal gain on the 2,4 ghz frequency....

    Well, my guess is that most of the hobbyist will just buy the unit and go flying :-)
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