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Pixhawk/APM compatible Wifi radio

Want to do mission planning or setup with Tower on Android or MAVPilot on iOS without the hassle of janky cables? What you need is a direct Wifi connection to your drone. The new Pixhawk/APM-compatible Wifi radio from HobbyKing is perfect for this, and just $19.97.  I almost exclusively use mobile apps and wifi now -- 400m range is fine for setup, planning and telemetry. Leave that laptop and those cables at home!

Tired of having to program your APM / Pixhawk system by wire? The APM / Pixhawk Wireless Wifi Radio Module is the perfect solution! This simple yet effective module replaces the 3DR data transmission module and frees you from the limitation of a USB cable. The system is suitable for all flight controllers with TTL interface.

The Wifi Radio module is supplied with both Pixhawk and APM compatible wire harnesses for quick and easy setup. 

• Wireless functionality for Pixhawk and APM
• Compact and lightweight system supplied with Pixhawk and APM wire harnesses
• Replaces the 3DR data transmission system module
• Supplied with Pixhawk and APM wire harnesses

Transmission Rate: 11n:MAX150Mbps;11g:MAX54Mbps;11b;MAX11Mbps
Channels: 1~14
Frequency Range: 2.4 ~ 2.4835 Ghz
Transmitting Power: 14 ~ 18 DBM
Interface: Serial port, GPIO
Transmitting Range: 300 ~ 800 meter
Working Temperature: -20 ~ +70 degrees
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +80 degrees
Bandwidth: 20MHz/40MHz/Auto Optional

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  • @Artmem I googled mavESP. I could not find a hit. Can you post a link.I am looking to use some eBay ESP12 modules with AUAV X2s and I presume this is what I need.

  • google mavESP, works great and you can change  wifi channel, access point name and password. 

  • @Stefano, unfortunately it is not possible to change IP parameters.

  • I just bought a module.
    How I can change the IP parameters?
  • Sorry, no. I've mostly done the development and actual usage indoors (e.g. it's designed as replacement for bluetooth, not 443/915 MHz telemetry links).

    There are ESP modules that are pin-compatible with ESP12, so if there's enough interest, probably the next batch will include such an option.

  • Is a version available with SMA connector for link to external antenna on tracker?

  • I've done a bit of prototyping with ESPs for Mavlink transmissions. I've found that UDP works best (reliable up to 921600 serial baud rate). In case anyone's interested, here is the source code of the firmware: https://github.com/festlv/mavbridge
    A friend of mine also made a small batch of these modules- they are available on tindie: https://www.tindie.com/products/festlv/mavbridge/

    Serial MAVLink <> WiFi bridge running on ESP8266. Contribute to festlv/mavbridge development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • This is getting so common that we often run into people on the same with these device. All are on the same default password. Is there a way to change the password?

  • I have some of the same questions:

    1)  In what ways is this wifi gizmo better (and worse) than 915mhz telemetry?

    2)  I thought it was quite dangerous to use a 2.4ghz wifi radio while flying with a 2.4ghz RC radio...some Phantoms have been said to have crashed when folks tried to view wifi video from their GoPro's and other wifi-equipped cameras while flying the Phantom with a 2.4ghz controller.




  • Hello everyone.
    @ Rana, thank you for the link but is this module the same or as the one show below.

    I'm new here and a newbie in UAV. I just bought an APM, and the 433mhz sistem and just after ordering discovered this Wifi module.
    I heard that it can produce interferences with the 2.4ghz remote control?
    If yes How can we avoid that ?

    I think that a lot of people would like to also transfer images from the Wifi.
    1) is it possible ?
    2) would it work with the Apps ? (Tower / MavPilot).

    I saw very cheap FPV wifi camera, and they come with Apps,
    So instead of using an heavy video transmission system i also thought about buying one of those using a better wifi transmission. (Or amplifying the transmission or reception)
    This camera are coming from quad copter toys like the Syma Xx and Walkera, MJX C4010 or C4008. And at least you can see where you go even if the quality is average. I don't know about the delay.

    In conclusion is it possible to send telemetry data and video using the Wifi module ?
    Or would it be possible to combine it with one of this cam. Using one device. (At least it will work with an iPhone a cheap Android tablet.
    And how to prenvent interferences between 2.4ghz remote controler and 2.4ghz WiFi.

    PS :Understand that as a none native English some of my sentences or expression might sound weird, thanks and happy flight
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