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3689690212?profile=original Cool new product from Anysense that works with all 3DR flight controllers: 

AnySense Pro turns your Radio Control into a real-time telemetry system with no costs for additional hardware, such as a GPS sensor, voltage module or vario.Additionally all data will also be saved on the storage card of your remote control. With the right tools, you can easily visualise the content of the storage card, export it to Excel or even embed it into existing videos.

Here's the display on a Taranis transmitter:


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  • Already use something like that, but it doesn't incorporate the use FrSky sensors as well. I really like the FrSky 150amp current sensor because it is way more accurate (and doesn't require calibration) than the 3DR/AttoPilot style current/voltage sensors. Now that I am using Dragon Link I can't use my FrSky sensors anymore.

  • This is all you need for your 3DR gear! http://www.craftandtheoryllc.com/frsky-telemetry-cable-and-user-int...

  • I'm curious if you can pick and choose data sources for the telemetry display? For instance, use FrSky current sensor data with GPS data, etc. coming from Pixhawk. Also, Dragon Link w/Taranis? 

  • Or, those with a Taranis that just want telemetry data, could just add $5 worth of Arduino and open source code to translate Mavlink telemetry to FrSky data.  While this would not all of the same capabilities, it is a very simple DIY exercise that requires only some basic skills.

    It is good to see there are options for those that just want to plug something in and have it work.  That does not sound like the same people that are buying a pixhawk.

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    Doesn't appear to support the Spektrum DX8 which many users, including myself, use with their model aircrafts.



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