Pixhawk is Ready for Takeoff

3689562888?profile=originalAfter months of rigorous testing, we are pleased to announce that our Pixhawk autopilot is now in production and ready to ship.

Designed by the PX4 open-hardware project and manufactured by 3D Robotics, Pixhawk delivers industry-leading performance and flexibility for controlling any autonomous vehicle.

Our new Pixhawk represents a significant improvement over our standard APMs, offering enhanced reliability, robust power, a broad range of USB power options and a second sensor port – for a dual IMU system. The second sensor chip not only provides redundancy, but enables the combination of different sensor inputs.

This release follows months of beta-testing by the IRIS-Developer community.  Based on their feedback, we improved the noise immunity of the power supplies and added the MPU 6000 to supplement the LSM303D accelerometer.

We are grateful to the community for their valuable feedback.

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  • @Lorenz,  I do enjoy the PX4users forum.  Very much an engineering group.  Pity I have not been able to contribute much but hopefully that will change once I make the right hardware.

  • Just one word;redundancy,it must be possible with this procesor

    Maybe one Pixhawk and two apm on side for  Triple_modular_redundancy

    who knows what next year brings..i can dream,why not...

  • I certainly hope that a bit of that new abundant processing power goes into spline navigation. It amazes me how marketing does not realize what nugget they are sitting on ;-)

  • Developer
    @Matt: The PX4 hardware dev group is not a closed club, we are always welcoming different mindsets and new initiatives. You would be most welcome on the px4users mailing list - see http://pixhawk.ethz.ch/px4/ for details how to join (or web-read the open mailing list).
  • Hi Lorenz,  Different groups want to innovate in different directions for different reasons.  Some groups are busy engineering the very best value square pegs possible but these are never going to properly fit the round hole problem.

    I count myself as one of the frustrated.  Instead of crying about it I am more enthusiastic about fixing the problem.  Expect to hear more about this effort soon.

    ps. My various rants are aimed at your marketing department not your engineering department.  I am not impressed by being told that your square pegs are excellent for fitting in round holes.  You have never intentionally misguided me so please don't think that this is your doing.

    Regards Matt

  • Developer

    @Matthew: You can safely assume that we haven't stopped innovating since the design was finished 8).

  • So if there was a lower cost version of pixhawk for entry level users that could be expanded into a dual redundant system that also solves the problem of sensor placement, that would be interesting to people??

    It's almost as if there is a market for something like that.  A bunch of people frustrated with the existing design might modify it into something they like.  Maybe someone is working on this already......

  • "Pixhawk is Ready for Takeoff" does this imply ready for preorder or ready in stock???

    What is the difference from the pixhawk baro sensor protection against light and propwash vs the apm?

  • What happened to the serving order# on the 3DR store site?  I remember when the APM2 rolled out it was a good way for buyers to get a good idea of where they were at in the pecking order.  

  • It is very clear that there are folks here who have zero conception of what goes into developing and manufacturing hardware - particularly in small lots. Note to all those bitching and moaning. If you feel it is too expensive for what you get, buy something else. If you think you can make something as good or better, sell it cheaper, and make a profit, go for it. That's how business works. 

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