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  • Fantastic idea and execution - would love to buy one!

  • Developer

    Another great vehicle using ArduPilot! Impressive!

  • Developer

    I can think of some use:

    • Robotic bird scarer for farmers
    • Film ( predictable retakes)
    • Military use. It looks very realistic, even a short distance away, so could be stealthier than a conventional drone, especially if it could be scaled down to insect size
  • Impressive that the IMU still worked.  Still can't see any value in an autonomous ornithopter.  At least manual control gives you a vicarious feeling of being an animal.

  • This is brilliant! I want one. :)

  • Developer

    Imagine a flock of these. That would be fun indeed :)

  • great show, had the same project going but got stalled because of broken wing arm. will restart it soon.

  • Now that is what I call a Pix, Hawk...
  • Developer go ardupilot

  • Love it

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