PIXHAWK pxIMU available! Hardware and Firmware


We proudly announce the launch of the pxIMU Autopilot! The boards, which are priced at 400 chf (about $420) each, will only be made in batches of at least 30, so when we get that many orders we'll put them into production. We have also released the pxIMU Autopilot Firmware.

You can register to the PIXHAWK user forums to hook up to other users, use the forums and help to push this open-source project.

Please note that PIXHAWK is currently evolving from a research system to a open-source community platform. We offer you the best combination of weight (8g), high-performance processing and sensor precision of any current open-source IMU. But you should be experienced enough or ready to learn to handle and to program the device. Our system is targeted at high-end hobbyists and research use. Of course the whole project is well-documented in our wiki, so it will be convenient to work with. Look for example at the excellent wiki articles onpxIMU, flashing the firmware or the Intel CORE 2 DUO baseboard for MAVs. We expect this user wiki to improve even further as more and more users are joining in. If you just want to get started and are looking for a very affordable system, we recommend to look at the projects on DIYDrones as well.

The pxIMU code is available at the PIXHAWK downloads page. You can browse it online or download a ZIP file.

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  • This looks nice.
  • Ok, one comment after the other:

    - We're either using Intel Core 2 DUO or the Gumstix for processing
    About the MIPS/$: Since an ARM7 costs about 4x more, but is roughly to the same factor faster I think it is approximately a tie - but one would have to run actual benchmarks to figure out.
  • "Please note that this inertial measurement unit offers with a 60 MHz 32bit processor significant more processing power than any ATMega-based solution. "
    what about MIPS/$ who wins?
  • hopp swiss ;)
  • WOW that is a nice looking piece of hardware!
  • Nevermind, get the layout of your site now :)
  • Has to be the best autopilot effort I have seen, you guys have all the bases covered.
    Couple of questions:
    For the CORE 2 DUO baseboard, does that use an overo as well? if so, for what?
    How far has vision gone?
  • Congratulations! Keep up the great work.
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