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  • This is junk most likely and +1 on the cheapo cables. But in any event I think it is basically 'counterfeit' in as much as they have used the AUAV silk screen. That is not on. If they want to make a something like an HKPilot32 fine but to not even distinguish the brand is unacceptable I think, even for open source. Call it HKracer32 or something. Maybe people should stop rewarding unacceptable behavior. How much has Hobbyking put back into the Ardupilot project? You would be better advised to pre-order from Arsov and just wait for them to make a high quality product in the next batch.

    However, I will buy an aluminum case from HK if they want to sell that separately. They could sell that for $15 alone (since that is the cost of the Shapeways printed one).

  • That's a great attitude, Mr K. :)

    And as far as quality, I have seen the pictures of the bare clone PCB, and it's a mess... components are not square on their pads.. they're shifted around at random angles.  The solder is too thick and basically just blobs of solder.  I'm sure the components themselves are the cheapest available, rather than the quality components AUAV uses.  They look cheap... (I don't have one to do any further testing....).
    And when the clone was first released, it was $70.00.  Even then it wasn't worth it.  Now that it's the same cost as the official AUAV product, it is not worth it in any way.  The higher quality cables alone are worth more than the case.... Those cheap cables become firm and inflexible after a year of use and sun exposure, and will cause vibration issues. 

  • Looks like the unit as shown in this video.  Hopefully the Hobbyking unit is better quality, but I very much doubt it.

  • It is a clone for sure. This was inevitable though. In a way it is a great compliment.
    Thanks for the kind words and support!

  • CrashingDutchman - I did not realise I was looking at AUD v USD. I purchased 3 PixRacers and 3 ACSP board a few months ago, they were sent from Bulgaria not USA. I do buy a great deal from HobbyKing and have been extremely pleased with the service I have received from then. I also very much like the idea of supporting the developers of new gear. The quality of the auav gear is a step above everything else I have seen though, so I reckon it is the better value option. The packaging is pretty cool too!
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    I think that a conversation about differences in quality is a great PSA for people thinking about buying one, but I don't like the idea of censoring alternatives/clones.
  • Oh, I just looked at the pics.. It's the clone for sure.. Can tell by the color of the wifi connector, the safety switch, the cables, etc. 
    I'd erase this thread, if it were up to me......  The AUAV people have been very helpful to me.  They do a lot to support the community.  The people who made this 'clone' completely ripped off their design..  the PCB even still has the same silkscreen w/ Nick's name on it.. The cloners just took the design files, sent them off to be made w/ the cheapest possible components, and are making a killing on the profit! 

  • I would think the AUAV guys would have made an announcement if they were getting resellers... 
    This is probably the clone, and we'd be better to nod advertise for it!!

  • UAUV is United States based (?) and pricing is in dollars. The blog is mentioning a price of AU$ 135 but HobbyKing is selling for US$ 99 too.

  • MR60

    Is Hobbyking a reseller of Pixracer officially or is this a  HK version they decided to produce since the hardware is opensource ?

    What I want to know is if buyiong from Hobbykling will support Nick Arsov and developers or not ?

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