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  • Good move Phillip, I support you not giving the design files.  This crap has gone on long enough and is destroying this industry, despite all the talk from those who defend open source as a religious movement.  It is not realistic in today's world.  It may have worked 20 years ago, but it does not work now.  The vast majority of end users do not need that detail, and it only serves to make it easier for others to copy it. 

  • CHIA, Seems very odd, PX4 has worked reliably for months on the Pixracer. Are you referring to a clone? Maybe seek an exchange.

  • PX4 software stack does not work on it, but APM does.

    download & build the firmware from " @ branch Copter-3.3-pixracer", it works with no problem. all sensor data looks good.

    I do not know WHY.

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  • I understand that the board is open source but the name is Trademark? many people prefer a genuine trademark instead a chinnese copy, specially in professional market to offer quality guarantee and support, the problem it's if they copy the name too, you are not shure what are you buying, now when I buy in china I try to choose chinesse trademarks only case.

  • And actually, this is different, in that it was even easier for the cloners to make..
    At least w/ a Rolex or Gucci counterfeit product, they'd have to have done some reverse engineering on the official product in order to duplicate it. 
    Here, they simply grabbed a file, sent it to their buddy w/ the PCB printing shop, and job done.....

  • But OG, I think you're missing the point.  Just because someone can be a horrible person and copy someones work, and eventually get it right and undercut the official product, doesn't mean you should buy it from them. 

    It's not about the monetary value.  It's about doing what is right.  Supporting those who do the work designing something and who actually deserve the support.  In most industries, what the Chinese are doing would be met with international legal force!  This is really no different than a counterfeit Gucci bag or Rolex watch, and the entire world thinks those things are wrong and illegal.

  • OG, they should have. But as a whole, this is the same old story. Let others cover the development costs. Once the design is stable, swoop in and try to make a profit under cutting the price.

    In the future, we will only release an initial reference design and then updated schematics. I will not put production ready files out in public again. Lesson learned. While this may not stop cloning, it will certainly slow it down and make it cost a bit more.

  • @OG The board is crap because the people that made are shoddy not because it is new. Will they fix the DOA sensors? Probably as they cannot get more orders if the end consumer is unhappy.It will likely still be shoddy in other respects though.
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  • No, the poor quality is not to be expected because it's a new release.  To say that would be to say all new electronics designs will be troublesome at the beginning.  That is not true, and a slap in the face of proper hardware manufacturers.

    The reason this thing is garbage, is not because it's a new release.  It's because the manufacturer just don't give a crap.

    I have gotten pre-production hardware from people like Arsov Tech, that perfectly manufactured.

  • "But they're all the same. They use the same chips, same design."

    Right?  SMH.  

    Quality costs money people!  I don't even know how these high quality vendors hit the prices they do!  Give them your business, they deserve it!

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