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Plans for an open source RC Transmitter

Another one from Hack-a-day. It's just a concept so far, but the team that's behind it may be competent enough to pull it off. They're using a Kickstarter-like model to raise funds to make it. $670 buys you a pre-order if the project is funded.

an Open Source Remote Control transmitter. This is one of the most impressive looking RC transmitters we’ve ever seen. The OSRC could be great for a small UAV – just get the GPS position from the aircraft and map it with the transmitter’s screen. There’s also support for a video downlink so flying around New York City is possible with a single device.


The transmitter/receiver combo are more actually referred to as transceivers. According to [Demetris], the radios on both the ‘ground side’ and ‘vehicle side’ can talk to each other on a 115 kbps data link on the 2.4GHz band. Sending commands and getting telemetry to something we’ve seen before, but never in a single integrated package. The expected range is in the neighborhood of 10 – 40 km.  The ground unit is based on a Gumstix board and has a 4.8 inch display. This really isn’t so much an RC transmitter but a computer that happens to control RC airplanes.

[Demetris] has had some success doing some professional development with Gumstix boards, so it looks like he has the skills to build a very nice R/C controller.

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  • I have moulds for joystick

  • @RH1N0, this seems to of Raven.
  • i need one 



    Less is best. Multi function controls/switches with multiple modes of operation equals less switches overall.



  • Bring it on, I say.

  • Whatever happened to a $299 netbook running Linux-RT and a playstation controller? (i.e. it's all about the software)


    Thomas--yes, I think that controller is used in the MK video when they flew 5km (and switched between 2 Tx).

  • Steve's is a great programmer, no solderinf and don't forget the nice EL backlight !

    The other way is a Sparkfun programmer


    for $15 BUT there is a lot of VERY fine soldering involved.

    I would have gone Steve's way except I was into this stuff before he made the board. It is priced right.



  • Very nice project! It would be also cool if it has integrated video receiver and output to video goggles, however 115kbps is very few for video, so it should use another receiver module working on another frequency.

    And range, 10-40 km sounds very unlikely. Is there any info about output power?

  • How do you see the color screen in the sun?

  • Hi Olli,

    Cool project,
    I think I read something about it in the MK forum some months ago,
    will have a closer look to it in the next days :)

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