3D Robotics

Pop-up fabrication of a robotic bee

From the video description: 

The Harvard Monolithic Bee is a millimeter-scale flapping wing robotic insect produced using Printed Circuit MEMS (PC-MEMS) techniques. This video describes the manufacturing process, including pop-up book inspired assembly. This work was funded by the NSF, the Wyss Institute, and the ASEE. Music: D-Song by Bonobo

See "Pop-up Book MEMS":

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  • 3D Robotics

    Def does not fly, it appears as though it was just a proof of concept for an alternative method of fabrication for micro structures  interesting enough, buttttttt, it doesnt work, yet at least

  • RC Cyborg

    This has as much practical promise.  Just link up with what nature already built. :)

  • Does it even fly?

  • Impressive. But what if nature makes flies grow "down to up" while we build "up to down" a micro robot creature? How primitive we are...

  • Moderator

    All this work makes everything look bloated and overweight. If you fail to get excited about UAS development then you can't have an imagination. Amazing stuff.

  • Cool. 

    How about print a structure onto photosensitive polymer and for artificial muscle coat an electroactive polymer.  I read something about that recently where they printed a polymer and the advantage is nano tube structure that is light and super strong.  I suppose the possibilities are endless.

  • Developer



    I'd rather do it with a 3d printer capable of using multiple materials but I guess this is the best way such printers actually exist.

  • There are some pretty fascinating results coming out of that project.

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