I've ported MinimOSD to Remzibi's hardware

3689448888?profile=originalHello everyone. Recently I port the MinimOSD to the Remzibi OSD's harware, so a poor man can enjoy MinimOSD's convenience now (no need to modify APM's software anymore).

Because of the limited flash space of Atmega16, the code of OSD is slightly changed, and it is not compatible with Michael's original config tool. So I adapt the config tool as well.

The Remzibi's OSD uses Megaload bootloader, so please use the Megaload programmer to upload the firmware. (The config tool can also upload the firmware, but I have to admit that it is not quite good right now.)

Anyway, here is the firmware and config tool, and here is the source code.

Thank binzi for providing the hardware.

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  • Developer

    Hello everyone,

    I have posted a new enhancement request in the arduplane repository/wiki. It is about include native support from Arduplane code for RSSI and secondary battery voltage readings:



    @Vilnis & Hazy: For show/see Home_distance and Home_arrow from start, follow this:


    In ArduOSD.cpp:

                case OSD_ITEM_HDis:
                    if (osd_got_home==1) printf_P(PSTR("\x1F%5.0f\x8D"), (double)osd_home_distance);
                case OSD_ITEM_HDir:
                    if (osd_got_home==1) DrawArrow();//panHomeDir(); //13x3


    Disabling osd_got_home flag make it possible. Change with this:

                case OSD_ITEM_HDis:
                    printf_P(PSTR("\x1F%5.0f\x8D"), (double)osd_home_distance);
                case OSD_ITEM_HDir:
                    DrawArrow();//panHomeDir(); //13x3

    Regards from Spain,


  • Hazy, you are a man. Everything now works great. Only glich I found, that home arrow and home distance sometimes does't show up, but it's while home position is not set, as soon as APM sets home position, they show up.

    Still waiting for weather to try in real flight.

  • Hi, a new version of config tool can be download here.

    @Dario, I've add the translation to the config tool, please check if it is correct.

    @vilnis, I've increased the digits of gain, and fixed the bug of changing to zero.

  • Ok, I'm stuck with ADC gain values. Try to figure out all evening, but something not working right. First, gain must be at least 4 decimal digits. For video voltage raw value shows 760 for 12v, so, the gain must be 0.0158, but I can put only 0.02 or 0.01, which shows 15.2v or 7.6v respectively.

    Second one, I can't put two values at time, for some reason it drops to zero gain value than. (I try to configure rssi by using AD motor voltage port on remzibi which is port 0 and video voltage on port 1). 

    When I save params to osd and then read, all gain values are set to 0 again.

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    @Hazy: File with english text translated into Spanish dispatched to your email.




  • Tried new version, looks like everything works on table. (Weather is terrible, so can't try in real life). There are of course more things, that can be done, like airspeed/groundspeed, and speed in km/h not m/s. But the most important parts (video voltage and rssi) is there, so, I'm happy :)

  • Hi, Dario. I collected the texts that need translation in this file, please help me translate them into Spanish, thank you! If other friends also willing to translate them into your own language, you are always welcome.

    The needs of additional functions are so different for each user. E.g.  Marcin wants 8 AD channels but you want none :-). I'll think it over to find a elegant way for both configurability and Flash/RAM usage.

    The idea of showing large logo is good, but I actually prefer saving the charset space for future practical functions.

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    Hi all!

    After spending a few days out of my city, I have finally been able to test the OSD in flight.

    It is simply amazing!

    Thanks to Hazy for offering this great update to our outdated Remzibi.  

    @Hazy:Thanks to the information you gave me I can now compile and look at the code. For now I disabled the data readed by the ADC ports, thus I managed to save 2 kbs when compiling the code. 

    I think Arduplane code could implement natively RSSI reading and a second battery (I will push a enhancement request for it). So those 2 kbs which were saved could be used for new options.

    For example, would be nice on the screen:

    Distance to next waypoint.

    Number of current waypoint.

    Flight time.


    Ability to turn on / off OSD and not see any data on the screen.


    I've seen a couple of post where you can see these improvements:  




    The improvements I've managed to do for now are:


    An icon in the display shows if the relay is connected or disconnected.

    I repositioned the charset to create a large logo on the home screen of the OSD.


    Of course if you are interested I can pass you my code and I can translate into Spanish the ConfigTool too. Simply says to me how to ;)

    Greetings from Spain.


  • Developer

    I have been to busy to work on this and my current Remzibi OSD solution is working well for now.

    Keep it going !

  • Hazy, thank you for keeping this project in motion--this is an excellent project :)

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