Powerful DIY Ground Station


Hi guys,

I would like to show a wonderful ground station solution achieved by Roberto Bonfim here in Brazil, he used a dual screen lap top Acer Iconia 6120, it is a dual screen monitor with a third extra video output, in this configuration you can arrange three different screens as shows the images bellow.

It could help a lot when you are developing a new system and would like to monitoring sensors, HUD, Map position or other parameter you need. Any possibilities... 


Guto Santaella

Here showing three different  screen..


Here is the Acer Iconia 6120...


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    How much work is being done with these setups, I would be willing to bet a lot less than set and forget commercial systems that are out there. Its fluff and stuff for the Xbox generation. A little harsh but I think reality.

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    Here are some LCDs that I found some time ago (>=1000 nits):




    I just wonder how much they cost? And what is the minimum order.

  • I wonder if this would work well:


    Brightness is not bad at 375 nits.  Only thing is it's touchscreen and I don't really need that.  Would love to find a decent, cheap, small ~7" USB monitor.

  • try this: open the MP and double click on HUD and it will "detach" that panel for you. ;-)

    That's awesome!  Ok, now I'm off to find a high brightness, small screen to plug into my laptop!  I would love to have a full size map on one side of the main laptop screen, and a small HUD to put on my transmitter box!

  • @Nicholas, after connect Mission Planner with APM go to ACTION -> Raw Sensor View... the 3rd window appears!

  • try this: open the MP and double click on HUD and it will "detach" that panel for you. ;-)

    Holy cow, that's awesome.

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    try this: open the MP and double click on HUD and it will "detach" that panel for you. ;-)

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    @Arthur, it looks familiar for you? ;-)

    (Great job from you with DroidPlanner, congratulations!) 

  • How do you get 3 different windows of mission planner on the one PC? Do you open MP 3 times?

  • Neat.  How do you blow up the different parts of MP to be on different screens?  I've never seen that before.

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