Today i 've tried my little Y6 (90 degree arm) with an 3000 maH Lipo !! here is the result !! really Powerfull !!

I attach the battery at the front of the Y6 ! the stability seems to be really nice like that. The centre of gravity is close to the front and it may be help ??

I have more than 15 mn flight !
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  • thanks to share this ! i buy last week HEADPLAY goggles and i tried them on computer VGA output and also USB key (to wach a movie) and i'm satisfied also. (but i never try with the Y6 :) soon very soon. i buy also the same emitter than you (1 watt).
    i'm so nervous everyday !!! thinking of my Y6 all the time now. i feel free with that !!! definitly !!!!
  • yup, single and completely passionate!


    I have Fatshark goggle, they're not perfect, but, they do the job. the new fatshark dominator are amazing! I plan to get it! I had the opportunity to try it last weekend! better than the old one, but, that was a demo and they are not available yet!

  • 4-5 flying ship :) you're single true ?

    think i will buy one ppm encoder to use with arduino pro mini for another Y6 build.

    Do you have video goggles ?
  • the PPM encoder is not on the Y6, it's another little project, I have about 4-5 flying ship. I play with configuration these time. I build a tri, a Y4, Y6, will build soon an X8... anyway


    here is the PPM encoder

    Work great!


    I power the video transmitter with a separate little 800Mah 3S battery

    you can see it under the gopro here, the black one!


  • Patrice,


    Really cool Y6 !

    Where did you get your ppm encoder ?

    How do you power your vidéo transmitter ? the same MAIN battery or another one ?

  • ionut i use Hacker style from HobbyKing 20-26. (cheap 11 euros)

    i had a quad (GAUI330) before but too light for me :) so i prefer my Tri (his name is VelociRaptorY690 :))

    It's more heavy because of 2 motors add and aluminium use but technicaly more interresting to pilot.
  • I also build an Y6 and I like it a lot! I decided to make it my FPV platform, 


  • What motors did you use?Also do you think the Y6 flies better than a quad?

  • try now GUYS !!
  • ok i know where is the problem ! i need to autorise all the world for that ! i do it right now !
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