Primary test with FLIR Tau2 640


Recently I had an opportunity to get my hand on a FLIR Tau 2 640, a 9 Hz refresh rate version with optional 25 mm lens. This is a 10K USD gadget so I am extra careful to handle the test and recheck my gear several time before flight. 

Researcher Kimbery Fornace from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine would like to use this camera to survey the population of marque monkey in her study site. This is parts of her study on Malaria, a disease commonly found in tropical country. Malaria causes symptoms that typically include fever and headache, which in severe cases can progress to coma or death. ( Wikipedia ). So you know she is not flying drone for fun but saving life. She is also the only lady who can fly a drone and successfully map a few area here in Sabah. 

The camera was mounted on an Alware servo base 2 axis gimbal. Power by a BEC which supply 5.2 v to the micro USB port found at the back of the camera. It output composite video which was connect to a digital video recorder and also a wireless video transmitter to give us real time video and OSD. I am using my tested DJI F 550, control by Naza M V2 and data link. With a 4S 6000 battery, all up weight is 2.7 Kg. It can fly for about 8 minutes.

This is the primary test just to make sure when all system are up and running, they will not interfere each other. I also want to confirm it can handle the extra weight. ( I am 200 gram over the recommended maximum weight ). Although I had the gimbal function enable, but the default gain setting seems too slow. I may want to increase it from 20 to 50 gain and see if thing improve.  

I will conduct a few more test before heading to the study site for actual survey mission flight a night. 


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  • Hi Keeyen. Nice project! How much does the camera (just the FLIR) cost and where did you get it? Thanks for the info!

  • 100KM

    Thanks for the input, Mr Mustafa. 

    Reuben, this is just a test flight, it was done in the afternoon. 

  • Great ! was your test flight done at night ?

  • If those props belongs to dji or any other clone of dji prop, get rid off them immediately. I had two incidence mid air, both of them the prop broke and the uas crashed. I recommend you to buy graupner e-props and custom fit them(this was what we did after one of our crash and we are happy ever after) or you can buy gemfan props i think you should custom fit them too. 

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