Google today revealed it has been working on a top-secret drone delivery program for the last two years. Nick Roy, an MIT roboticist on sabbatical for two years, has been leading the project based in Australia.

Google has developed a tail sitter aircraft, capable of VTOL transitioning to forward flight.



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  • The Quadshot lives!

  • In addition they are going to have pressure put on them by traditional retailers....providing same day service. For many people same day service...will be good enough.


  • The google engineers, should have just approached Dr Hugh Stone 15 years ago.



    T-Wing VTOL
  • I like Google's motor layout a lot more than the quadcopter glued to a wing designs everyone else is using.

  • Moderator

    Virtual Robotix VTOL project doing by Alessandro a member of FoxTeam with VRBrain 1.0 (Multipilot 8) . The Google X Project is not so innovative and impressive :) 



  • @ Rob: Lol - my thoughts exactly.

    Not entirely sure what deliveries Google have in mind with this, but it's not gonna be big or heavy. 2 or 3 android lapel badges maybe...

  • so this is why they tried to illegalise all non commercial use hehe

  • Delivering dog food, one ounce at a time. :)

  • Hugues,  they were definitely not the first. Atmos from TU Delft had their platform flying in the air two years ago.

  • @Hugues, I am just afraid our key developers may sign up here;-)

    Other than that, we need to have(or develop) common platform for exotic air frame such as Tail Sitters, SingleCopter and CoaxCopter; not to wait to supply from Hobby King.

    Project Wing Interest Form – Google
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