Google today revealed it has been working on a top-secret drone delivery program for the last two years. Nick Roy, an MIT roboticist on sabbatical for two years, has been leading the project based in Australia.

Google has developed a tail sitter aircraft, capable of VTOL transitioning to forward flight.



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  • Logically safer (and foam :-) ), and better in the wind for forward flight. Hovering would be up for discussion... Wing/sail effect. But that's engineering, finding the right balance of compromises and using the right tool for the job (not a hammer) their intent is different from filming or urban delivery...
  • What is so impressive ? Tailsitter vtols are bound to be more efficient than quads

  • many kangaroos end up as dog food.

  • But its only good for deliverying chewing gum.

  • I'm impressed that they are taking a different strategy instead of the standard quad copter one.

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