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  • Ok I found it, and it doesn't fit on APM1-2.6. (how sad I have these boards and cant be used)

    Autopilot Hardware Options — Plane documentation
  • Will the QuadPlane firmware from v3.5.1 to v3.6.0 load onto and APM1 or APM-2 hardware? I tried to load them and all seems like it had all loaded ok, but when I look at it under settings in the cli terminal it shows "Init ArduPlane V3.4.0 (c1fc5a44)" And then when I search in the parameter lists I don't see any Q settings there.

  • Wished we had green fields and flying weather like that...The winter has been the worst in memory for flying.

  • Hi Sander, do you have a link to your website ?

  • 100KM

    Hi Dirk,

    The DeltaQuad is currently in development at DronesLab in NL. Conversion kits will be available for the skywalker x8 platform for the hobby market.

  • Is anybody aware of a store I can go and buy one of these delta quads right now at not too exuberant a price? (preferably UK / EU)

  • Great work.

    This getting more robust.

    Keep it up.

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