Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC

36674.jpgThe Q-Brain incorporates 4x 20A speed controllers in 1 device. All motor leads are pre-installed and are terminated with 3.5mm bullet connectors. Leads are 25 cm long which means that you can use this controller with frames up to 60 cm. It operates on 2-4 cells lipo and 5-12 cells Ni-XX (anyone still using these). Refresh rate is over 400Hz.

Weight of the speed controller is 112 grams and dimensions are ~70x62x11 mm. The Q-Brain is probably very similar to the Hobbywing Quattro ESC.

Advantage: Easy install

Disadvantage: If one of the esc's dies you can't use it with a quadcopter anymore (get a tricopter!)

More information on the Hobbyking site

Note: If you are using the Q-Brain with a KK2 board, then S3 (the white cable) has to be connected to M1 on the KK2 to power it.

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  • If this is like skywalker quattro 20 than you can flash BLHELI. SimonK is for atmel. I realy like the sil-chip / blheli combo, anyways.

  • Gary, Hobbywing starte with a 20A, and continues to make the 20A.  The 25 Amp is relatively new, and not many people even carry them.

  • Seems they greatly reduce interference to the magnetometer, (No DC power leads except battery in and an aluminum plate on top attenuating AC EMF).

    Looks identical to Hobbywing except 20 amp instead of 25 amp. My guess is HobbyKing just derated it inline with their own real world experience. 

    These are a real bargain and if you have a quad that operates within their specs it definitely seems like the best way to go.

  • I haven't tried it. From what I was reading at the time, it sounded like they wren't supported - may have to check again.

  • @Scott I saw different comments on HobbyKing regarding flashing these units, have you attempted to flash SimonK at all? From my understanding the chipset is supported.

  • I have the HobbyWing 20A on a test quad of mine and it works pretty well. I prefer the SimonK firmware, but for stock, these are pretty nice. And they certainly make wiring neater.

  • This is a very neat replacement for the whole mess of soldering the PDB and the ESC's which hang precariously on the arms of the quad and reduces the amount of wires significantly. I will try it out soon.

  • Yup, I think these are great.  I'm quite sure this is just a brand labelled version of the Hobbywing, similar to what Hobbyking does with all the other Hobbywing ESC's.  ie: not a clone or knockoff.

    Hobbywing also now make these in a 25A version.  I bought 3 of them.  I am going to use 2 of them on an Octo, but haven't built it yet.  I did use 1 on an F330, it did fine until it flew away.

    You can't put SimonK on these, but I have heard you can use another one... "brushlessESC" or something like that?  I honestly don't know if it matters or if you should bother.  Personally I think 400Hz updates are a bit of snake oil.  

    These are SUPER nice because the wiring is so much simpler.  Also, Randy has done some testing that indicates they create less mag interference which is great.

    It would also be quite easy to replace the flat top plate with finned heat sink for better reliability.  And you could replace the bottom plastic plate with metal.  Heck, you could even remove the plastic plate, and cut a frame plate with holes/features and simply screw it directly to the bottom plate!  Just need electric insulation of some sort if using a metal plate obviously.

  • That's a great price and a seems like a nice setup for smaller quads.

  • Yeah that is just the HobbyWing one just with a different label on it.. or the other way around.

    I have one but haven't fired it up yet... seems like a good idea.

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