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    I think is not a fake, with Mikrokopter hexa the record is 45 minutes, without special hardware.

  • at 6:30 something happens. The lights stop on reflecting from the snow, but I think you can still see them on the chopper.

  • While I agree that sharing infos is good, I have to agree with Georacer. We see daily posts about universities being able to fly 10 multirotors at the same time doing very impressive stuff, but never seen any specific details about it. But when it comes to singles being able with research, time and big money to achieve same impressive results, then suddenly this becomes annoying....

    The info we need is in the video, hand made motors, hand made propellers, super expensive components (probably military based) and very expensive high Ah batteries....  maybe a fuel cell battery......

    and maybe a regenerating ESC with a very efficient control software... 

     My two cents.

  • Yes the key is recording at night. That is what caused us to quetion his first post. Also the time lapse had a lot of artifacts. Please answer Heikkis questions....
  • Please do following to convinse us that this is not fake

    1) add 2 long colorful paper stips to your copper

    2) fly in daylight

    3) move the copper on the flight so that you can also see other perspectives than just the figure on the sky

    4) move the camera around to follow the copper from other perspectives

    I can see some artifacts around the chopper. Witouth other evidence this is fake - just filmed the scene without chopper and the chopper is added afterwards.

    Long sit to stare an empty sky on Moscow darkness... :-)

  • This is fake.. this guy has created videos like this for a while now, and never once mentions anything that is believable as to how... for all I care he created the video using a video editing package but using the main scene and adding the quad copter elements to it.  It is amazing how much you can do with a grainy looking video and computer graphics..  just look at things like the movie District 9 and what they did on a pretty limited budget.. and how well the CG blended.
    This is a open source community.. stop posting these videos vis.asta.. if you can't explain the math which in all accounts does not add up.. then don't post on here.  Take these seemly fake videos some where else.
    You simply can't make the math work.. even with one time use batteries, dropping them as you use them, etc... it just doesn't add up what so ever.. sorry.  Prove me wrong with real facts and how it works and have someone outside of a grainy video that is most likely fake confirm the results and do the math.

  • With no info on how it is being done and nothing to learn from it as a result, I have very little interest, If it were true, and info given on how, then it owuld be interesting if only as proof of possibility. But without any additional information, it doesn't even rise to curiosity.

  • Absolutely staged. This is someone trying to get attention, I remember these types in preschool. End of day, prove it and guess what.......they can't. Let us move on and let this useless post fade into the oblivion like the last post he did. No share, no care!
  • This is  highly stimulating ..this put us all thinking on how to go further and further ..I like this ..and in the cold the batteries last less ..much less.. right ?

  • Maybe it`s an onboard nuclear fusion reactor. Or it`s plain old bs in an effort to attract people to their website, either way, posting something like this in a community based forum with no info is basically provocation. 

    As such, this post is completely useless and should be removed as far as I am concerned since it has absolutely no benefit to anyone.

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