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    "Fake", "Show-off", etc.  I've got one; "Inspirational!"

  • I can fake 'raw' video almost as easily as compressed video.. saying that doesn't prove much... heck you could super impose the quad-copter on-site feeding in both of the feeds into a single source and outputting that to the camera so the camera considers it the original raw source.  There are plenty of ways to get a 'raw' style output... even with completely fake sources.

    Plain and simple this is fake.   There are so many red flags it is crazy... the biggest is if you pull off something like this for real you have a HUGE tendency to show off and talk about it.. not just post some edited video of it.  You just can't make the math work even with crazy materials that only military really has access to... it is just a simple weight to thrust to power ratio.. you can't make that work for that duration of time.. or even close to it.

    But we play into it and talk about it, which is most likely why he creates these fake videos and posts them without any sort of explanation what so ever... just for attention... like my three year old son.  'look at me, look at me'.

  • Thanks Carl , I know this is an open and marvellous communitie but news are welcome even if they are not as open as we expect to be ..but we know we can't have it all :-) and this really instigates us ..and that is already a good thing ..

  • +1 Peter

    Seriously you're just showing off and not really helping the community whatsoever. Plus your just hovering. You can supply some basic information that would not hurt your endeavor.

  • Hi Carl , I said that can be "part" of the solution ...not the solution  ..but that, with improved software/hardware  might do that ..

  • this can be part of the solution ..  along with suggetions like those  from Georacer 

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    vis.asta Since you bothered to comment, why don't you tell us more about your setup. Otherwise, its a waste of time to post all this here :P

  • o heikki.tukiainen: RAW video from my sony cx700

    with the time of 1:20 on the clock (6:30 on the 10x video)


  • @Sgt Ric,

    No, I was referring to news posts such as this one:

    which is closed source, if I understand correctly.

    Anyway, it's not an important matter.

    More importantly, I would like to explore the conditioning of the throttle signal to reduce costly power spikes, one day.

    I believe there is much to be gained from that.

  • this is not Fake
    vis.asta invited to the demonstration flights, anyone could come and see.
    Many secrets you can read in the Russian community.

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